Thursday, July 23, 2009

Liver cleanse #4

Today I am starting my fourth liver cleanse.

I had been feeling 100% well for several weeks. The only time I had any symptoms were when I changed herbs - Haritaki to Humaworm, then back to Haritaki, then to Triphala (Haritaki is an ingredient, but works synergistically with the other two herbs).

Last week my fibromyalgia started coming back gradually. In the car ride home from Florida I started feeling pain. Then I switched to the Triphala and it got worse. I just haven't quite been myself the past week or so. I have little motivation, though I am capable of getting around and doing things, I'd just rather not. I have had consistent pain, probably about a level 4.

So, I'm starting the cleanse today. Hopefully, it will do for me what it's done in the past. The last one held a long time before the symptoms returned. :)

Update - Not as many stones as the first time, but they were stones, not sludge and they were much, much larger than previously, about 3/4 in diameter .... probably 6-8 that size .... hundreds of small ones. I haven't eaten since yesterday, but feel soooo much better already ... no pain. Off to go make some fresh fruit juice .....