Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And .... two years

I just had my one year anniversary of wellness, and this month is my two year anniversary off antibiotics!!! In fact, the only prescription I'm still on is Armour Thyroid. I am hoping that my hormones continue to heal, I have seen signs that my adrenals are stronger, so I hope to be able to be off Armour some day. That is my goal.

This is the first year hayfever season has bothered me since my health declined 7 years ago. That may or may not be significant ..... it's bothering a lot of people this year, seems to be a bad year, probably due to the lack of rain.

I have been treating with the Bionic for this. So has one of my daughters (not the one who had Lyme). I set a bowl of water outside for 24 hours to gather pollen. I put the water in the vial and treated. I went right into full strength because I've not had any adverse affects from treatment for so long. It hit both of us hard!!!

We were both very tired and she had a headache. Neither of us had the runny noses and sneezing. I'm still using my neti pot twice a day, but it's not as bad as it was. I have two more treatments to go. Yesterday I even sat outside for a half hour and didn't sneeze once .... a week ago, I sneezed about 50 times in 20 minutes (continual sneezing) .... I had to have my husband drive me home and I missed my son's football game.