Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Started AI, day four

I started Allergie Immun drops last Sunday. The past few days I have felt tired and a little out of sorts, but I can't blame the drops. I also stopped drinking coffee, started juicing and combining foods better, and returned from Las Vegas with a time change of 3 hours, so I don't think it's unusual to feel out of sorts with those three things alone.

Today, I'm finally feeling back in my time zone. I finally got a good night sleep during "normal" sleep hours. I'm feeling really good, normal energy, no pain.

The second day on AI I woke up with left knee pain. I had it for a few hours, then it left. Other than that, I don't have anything really to say about AI so far.

An interesting thing is, I'm muscle testing for very few supplements, and only nutrients, no herbs/antioxidants. This is all I'm taking now:

multiple vitamin
vitamin B
vitamin C
vitamin D
oil of evening primrose
5 HTP at night
occasionally copper

Normally, I like to take CoQ10, resveratrol, and ALA, and sometimes other antioxidants, but they all are coming up as not needed.

That's all ..... I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AI Results!!

I got my results from Allergie Immun today!!

Pretty much everything is in the "yellow zone". There are a lot of different areas they test regarding the energy in the body, and all those areas except 4 were in the "yellow zone". That means I have "partial impairment" in various areas, things like excretory system, cardio-vascular system, fluid balance, etc. This is no surprise. This is why I'm constantly working on optimizing my health .... because even though the Lyme and other infections are gone, I don't feel I'm always at my best. I feel sluggish at times, particularly when I'm on a detox protocol.

In the red - secondary energy supply (intestines), information flow at synaptic gap, and toxic burden by recirculating heavy metals.
In the green - complementary energy supply (sexuality).

It says my pineal gland, thyroid and pancreas are blocked. No surprise there.

No milk allergy. Again, no surprise.

It does say that I'm sensitive to wheat, gluten, corn, and soy. I've felt the need to limit these even though ART showed no sensitivity to them, so not really surprised, but I none of them give me noticeable problems.

I also had fungi/mold, metals, and chemical toxins show up. Again, no surprise.

One interesting thing I read on the report is that when the excretory system is not working properly, the toxins are not getting out. As a result, if you do a detoxification program, you end up with recirculating toxins. This must be why I can only skin brush once a week. I get the toxins circulating but I'm limited to how much I can eliminate, so I have to go at it more slowly.

Overall, the report didn't tell me anything surprising. I should get the drops in a week or two and will keep you posted.

Hopefully, they'll help me enough that I never have an anaphylactic reaction to my non-shellfish dinner that was prepared near shellfish ever again!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Anemia and HCL

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago because I had an anaphylactic reaction to shellfish. When I was there, I asked for him to test my iron. He only tested ferritin, but that gave me good information. I had been having shortness of breath, fatigue, restless legs, and hair shedding. All anemia symptoms. Since only my ferritin was tested, I don't know whether I'm actually anemic.

I knew from the restless legs that my iron was low, so I had taken double of my iron supplement for a while before testing. My ferritin was 27. It was within range, but the range is HUGE!!! From what I've read on the internet, over 50 and preferably near 70 is preferable. I also read that below 30 can cause symptoms. Since I was on more iron and eating lots of red meat for a few months, mine was probably on its way up when the level was taken.

My daughter and I have practiced muscle testing on each other and we've actually gotten good at it. I've been testing for more iron than I had been taking. For a while, I tested well for Floradix, but now I'm only testing well for Blood Builder, usually 2 or 3 twice daily.

After a few weeks of this, I am feeling much better! I'm no longer shedding hair. I no longer have restless legs. My shortness of breath is much less frequent, in fact, I seldom have it. My fatigue is also improving a lot, and in fact, my husband and 22 year old daughter tell me the fatigue I get is normal, ie, after teaching pilates for three hours.

I have always suffered from anemia. I've supplemented iron for as long as I can remember .... back to high school or college. I thought it was logical to look at *why* I might have anemia. Here's what I found.

One cause is blood loss, even from heavy periods. Because the length of my periods are normal, I thought that I was in the normal range there. I've read the definition of heavy, and according to the definition, I'm VERY heavy and always have been. So, there's one cause. I read that vitamin A can sometimes help with this. I already use progesterone cream. I'll let you know if the vitamin A helps.

Another cause is lack of absorption of nutrients. I've been muscle testing at every meal for HCL, and I need more than I've been taking. At least 2, sometimes as many as 5 if I'm eating a large meal at a restaurant. This has not only made me feel like I've been digesting better, it's also made me gain a few (unwanted) pounds. I'm hoping the weight gain evens out as my body gets used to regularly digesting food. I have started eating less, to no avail. Since I teach pilates, it's all muscle .... but I don't like my clothes being tight ......

I think another contributor in my case, aside from using a different brand of iron for a month, I believe I wrote about that in a previous blog post, is the high zinc intake with KPU. I am no longer muscle testing well for Depyrrol, as long as I take a multiple vitamin with 15 mg. of elemental zinc. If I skip the multiple, I need the Depyrrol, so I've been taking the multiple.

I think taking this more well-balanced blend of nutrients has benefitted me, too. I have also stopped catching everything that's going around.

I ordered Allergie-Immun and have sent in my first saliva sample. The first round should be here in a couple weeks. I'll write about it, of course.

Right now I'm taking:

Multiple vitamin
B complex
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Oil of Evening Primrose
Blood Builder

HCl at meals
5 HTP at bedtime (not sure whether I still need it)