Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doing great!

I finished the Humaworm two weeks ago. There were no visible parasites, but I felt bad the first week and a half on it, so I know it did something. After that, I felt GREAT!

Still on the KPU protocol and still think it was a big issue for me. It's going very well.

When I stopped the Humaworm I switched to Triphala and Resveratrol. I also found a multiple vitamin I like and started taking it. I have had severe diarrhea since stopping the Humaworm (or starting the new stuff). It doesn't appear that I'm digesting anything at all and the transit time is only a few hours. I'm stopping all supps today except for iron and KPU. I'm also trying to be easy on my gut with what I eat. I have a couple chickens to make some fresh broth.

I started VSL#3 because previously it has helped my gut. It is a probiotic designed for ulcerative colitis and has 450 billion bacteria. I'm taking it twice daily right now.

Since I'm getting better, feeling great, and seem to be on an upswing, I'm wondering if this is retracing. I have had gut problems since childhood, and when I got sick a few years ago, the gut issues were the first symptom. I know that once a body is getting what it needs, it goes back and heals past problems. There is nothing painful. For having had diarrhea severely for two weeks, I still feel fine. It just seems like it must be more of a healing reaction than an Illness. Nevertheless, I'm doing what I can to support the gut.

The rash on my forehead came back when I stopped Humaworm. I am going to do a bug bite protocol on the Bionic in a couple weeks. I hope it helps. I'm thinking it may be the lice issues I posted about previously.

It seems none of my issues are related to Lyme anymore, but I still have some lingering problems. I'm trying to stick with the less-is-more philosophy on my protocols so that I don't stir anything up .... why wake a sleeping giant?

Just thought I'd check in, have a great 4th of July weekend!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I predicted it

The sweat last night, I predicted it! I was having some air hunger and it had been about a month since my last photon treatment, so I treated yesterday (blood, 9.88, 100%, 320 sec.). I drank water with parsley, burbur, and Himalayan Salt, then had a glass of carrot/apple/beet juice. I feel fine now treating with blood.

I hope the sweat last night means it's working against the babesia. My air hunger seems to be improved today.

I always had a 24 day herx cycle when I was on meds, so it could be that the babs was flaring since I've been on Humaworm for 24 days and that coincided with a full-moon, which traditionally makes parasites more active.

Only a few more days left of Humaworm.

Well, off to a busy day!! I hope all of you are well.

Update June 9 - I had another sweat last night.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Liver cleanse #3

This has just gone so smoothly! I didn't feel really bad like I did last time. I didn't even get the low blood sugar feelings like first time, which I'm thinking must have to do with the KPU protocol (just assuming since hypoglycemia can be a symptom of that).

Early in the day instead of just finding low-fat ways to stay full, I juiced. For lunch, right before I stopped eating, I had carrot/apple/lemon juice. I think the packed nutrition in the juice helped keep me feeling well. I felt good up to an hour after I took the first dose of epsom salts. Previously, during a cleanse, I would have to take a nap in the afternoon because the fasting would make me feel so bad. Instead, I cleaned my closet and the pantry! Last night I slept through the night ... both other times I only would sleep a couple hours at a time and then would spend a couple hours awake and would be uncomfortable all night.

This morning I have seen some stones and some sludge. Still in the middle of it so I don't know how it compares to the other times. I'm hoping it takes away the fibro pain like it has in the past. I can't wait to start juicing!!

edit to add - significantly less gunk this time. After the first one, I felt better for a couple days. After the second, for a week and a half, then started having minor fibromyalgia pain (might not be minor to some, but in comparison to Lyme/bart pain, it was minor), so hoping since so little came out this time that maybe the cleanse will hold.

My husband, my 21 year old daughter and I have all noticed that I have less fat than I used to. I've always worked out with weights and cardio ... recently I cut down on weights and added pilates .... but I think the lowered fat is more likely from detoxing better. I'm not talking about being thinner, and I don't have more muscle.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Just feeling good

Well, I don't really have much to blog about .... I'm just feeling good!! I have some very slight air hunger, but only enough to remind me to keep working out, keep eating right, keep getting enough sleep, and keep building up the immune system. I also am having some shoulder pain and hip pain. Dr. W thought it was a structural problem and not Lyme related. He adjusted it and it was better. I think it's time to see a chiropractor. I play the flute, so this is likely what's causing it ... my awkward twisting while I stand and play.

Oh, which reminds me, I found a chiropractor who will work with me on the KPU protocol!! Woohoo! He will even test my kids. I was thrilled because I hate to do such a strong protocol without someone overseeing it.

I'm a couple weeks into Humaworm, and after the first week or so, I started feeling better.

I also happened across some great tonic water! I always feel better when I drink tonic (remember my trip to Italy? The tonic got me through it). This tonic has only natural ingredients, including high-quality, natural quinine from the bark it is traditionally made from, unlike most of our quinine which is a chemical concoction. The tonic is Fever-Tree .. I'd like to find Q Tonic, which uses agave as a sweetner, but in the meantime, I'm drinking two little bottles per day. The first three days, I felt better .... then I did have a slight herx for a couple days, now I feel better again.

So, I know some bugs are still there. I plan to keep taking it easy .... it seems this is working for me .... I keep improving with this system. I am beginning to think that simplicity is the key to treating with photons. I've read that Dr. W told a patient that stress can bring the Lyme back ..... I am beginning to think doing a lot of stuff aside from detox and photons will cause a stress enough to bring the Lyme back. Taking it easy allows the photons to do the work.

I know only time will tell, but this is just my observation .... that simplicity is the key with photons.

Current protocol -

Humaworm (will replace with triphala and resveratrol when finished with 30 days)
Photons - once per month, blood, 100% power, 320 seconds, 10 points
iron and magnesium
thyroid meds
Juice Plus
NT Factor (till I run out)

I got back my thryoid test .... my TSH is up to .25 ... that is a significant improvement from the .03 it was last time. My thryoid meds are reduced since I returned from Germany. It would be nice if I could eliminate them altogether at some point.

I am still getting massages every other week from the guy trained in lymphatic drainage and cranio sacral techniques. At this point, I am no longer feeling horrible after these massages. I drink a lot of water afterward to wash out the toxins, but I don't feel wiped out like I did before. He is noticing the difference too, I just don't have all the problem areas I did. I still am sluggish, but it's all working better than it did in the beginning.

I am no longer doing regular coffee enemas for the first time in a couple years. After the liver cleanses, I don't feel drawn to them anymore. I guess I just don't need them ..... I could always tell before when I needed them. I do feel like I need to do another liver cleanse. Maybe next week.

I am still juicing, still working out four times per week, still getting plenty of sleep, getting some natural sunshine ..... and feeling great! Thanks for reading.