Friday, November 21, 2008

Adjusting ....

You would think that getting well would be like getting over a cold ... you just move on, back to what you've always done. But what about when you've been sick for years? What about when you've dropped out of life just to have the energy to breath?

When I was losing my mental capacity, it was frustrating. I knew I was forgetting things. I knew I didn't understand what people were saying. I knew I couldn't read anything longer than a couple lines. I knew I had trouble speaking. I knew I didn't recognize people .... got lost driving ..... etc. Eventually though, it became the norm.

The family adjusted by calling me ten minutes before I had to go somewhere or leaving me notes in the morning of what was happening in the afternoon. I adjusted by taking someone in the car with me to remind me where we were going and to help if I got disoriented away from home. The kids learned to cook, clean and do laundry.

I also adjusted to the pain and fatigue of being ill. I knew what it felt like to hurt .... to not have the strength to function.

I adjusted to being on up to 72 pills per day.

I adjusted to the fact that this disease is chronic. With a combination of conventional and alternative medicine, I got to the point where I had good days, days where I could function somewhat normally.

Now, all of a sudden, I am well. For those who know me, you won't be surprised that for the time being I'm cleaning and organizing, LOL! We moved into this house when I was sick, so what's out in the open looks organized, but behind closed doors, in cabinets, in rooms in the basement I hardly know exist, it's not quite up to par.

This task will keep me busy for a couple weeks .... maybe a month ..... then what? I am in a unique position as an adult - the only thing I haven't dropped out of is the church choir (I play flute, don't sing).

What have I learned?

I have learned that being is more important than doing. I didn't see the use in my life when I was sick and couldn't do, but came to understand that God needed me to be. My family needed me to be. Anyone can do ..... most forget to be. Most become a sum of their tasks.

I've learned how lonely people who are sick become. It's a world where no one understands your pain or your fatigue. It's not that people don't care, it's that people don't understand. Everyone is so busy, that they don't realize you are not. Our world has become so busy that people don't take the time to visit with each other. Despite Starbucks, sitting around over a cup of coffee has gotten lost. People think being busy and doing all these tasks takes priority over sitting and visiting with a friend.

I have learned that more than anything, the best thing you can do for your kids is be available. I used to not be able to help my 10 year old with math, but she got what she needed just by sitting with me. I moved to the couch most days to be downstairs with the family. I tried to sit at the table for dinner with them. On good days I cooked. But the most important thing was, I was there. Now I can help my 15 year old with math, which, yeah, is a help, but the best part is, I'm available for her.

I've learned a lot about my husband. He's a strong, devoted man to have been able to bring us through the past few years. I've learned that, like the kids, his needs are simple. He needs me.

So, what will I do with my time now that I'm well? For the next several months, I'm just going to be a Mom. No other hats for me for a long time. Well, a mom who plays flute in the choir at church. ;)

PS For those who are wondering about my monthly flare up, it was very minor this month. I got a little tired, but not that crushing fatigue that comes from Lyme. No air hunger at all. No night sweats. No pain. No crushing fatigue. I bought some coinfection vials, so hopefully as I use those, I won't flare at all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hi again! It's been a while, so I wanted to check in. :)

I'm still doing great! I've caught the dreaded cold that everyone seems to have around here ..... but did miss that stomach bug, thank goodness! In the past, colds completely disabled me. I couldn't figure out how others could just push through and go on with their same daily tasks while considering the cold a mere inconvenience when for me a cold meant so much fatigue I never wanted to leave bed, and in fact, didn't have the energy to leave if I wanted to. So, right now, I'm inconvenienced by a runny nose and sore throat.

Dr. W had recommended a homeopathic remedy for a runny nose, which I purchased at the apothecary in Germany, and it helps sooo much. Too bad we rely on chemicals so much in this country as this natural stuff works.

I've been treating every few days with the Lyme vials and a saliva vial. I don't know why I'm still using the Lyme vials .... I guess because the saliva vial alone seems like so little when at Dr. W's office I had 12 vials taped to my solar plexus. I still haven't gotten the nerve to try blood ...... but am about to give in .... but then I'll have to get the nerve to prick my finger! You would think that after all the blood work I've had done over the past few years that I wouldn't even think of the finger prick ..... I also haven't gotten into purchasing nosodes for all the various coinfections. Since I'm feeling so good I just can't justify them.

I know those of us who have gone to Germany keep saying this is not a miracle cure. Well, that's not the truth. It has been a miracle cure for me! However, all of us who have gone have needed ongoing treatment with photons once we get back. I almost feel like I'm a cell phone and the photons are my charger ..... every few days I use the photons.

My air hunger is gone for the most part. I'm still on sleep meds but am weaning off. I'm still focusing on detoxification as my body is still working to get back to where it should be. But all in all, I have gotten my life back.

My regular flare up of symptoms is due in the next couple days ..... it will be interesting to see how much is still there to flare ..... last month it happened when I was in Germany and it was much less severe than it used to be.

This has been truly amazing for me. I was doing well a little less than a year ago on the heavy antibiotic regimen I was on, so my LLMD weaned me off meds onto herbs. Within a couple months, I crashed .... I went from about 95% way back down to 50-70%. Same thing happened when I went off meds prior to the Germany trip. I have now been off antibiotics since August, and antimalarials since Sept. I have been off herbs since October. I only take magnesium, iron, thyroid meds, and am weaning off sleep meds. Amazing.

I was not in the group who received ozone treatments ..... it floors me that all this is the result of light. Who would have thought that it would be this easy?

Take care, I'll try to take the time to post again soon ..... in between all the family activities and catching up with all that's needed to be done for quite some time .... like cleaning and organizing, woohoo!

Monday, November 10, 2008

One week at home

Hi, just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still feeling great! I went to Las Vegas with Mr. Sixgoofy for four days for a business trip. I slept 8 hours per night, sipped on a tiny bit of wine at dinner, and kept up with everyone else with no naps!!! So, I'm truly doing great!

My air hunger has lessened in the past week. I'm planning on treating with blood if I'm still feeling well four weeks after my last treatment. It will be interesting to see what happens during my regular monthly flare up.

My daughter is doing well ... definitely responding to treatment ... not yet in a good way. She's up to 50% power for her third treatment and this week will jump to 75% power.

I have two down with a stomach virus .... it will be interesting to see how strong my immune system really is ......

I frequently get asked if I think the Bionic 880 cures Lyme. My short answer is "yes." However, most of us have a very complex illness and I think it's unrealistic to think we'll all get cured in three weeks' time. If you go, it is definitely worth it, no question about it ..... but I think to use it as a cure, you will need access to a machine once you get back. For most, there are viruses or coinfections involved.

So far, I don't know whether my coinfections will require more than just getting rid of the Lyme so that the immune system can work, that remains to be seen. I do not have a virus problem. I have treated metals and parasites already .... though I know I've released even more metals as I've gotten rid of the Lyme.

This is a great treatment .... I'm well on my way to being 100%!! I'd say I'm 90-95% now ..... what symptoms do I still have? I'm not really sure, I do not lack energy. :) Once in a while I have air hunger .... and my brain seems to remember the pain as I don't really feel pain, but an awareness that it's gone, so it's not quite normal yet. I also still need to wean off sleep medications.

I'll keep you updated of my continuing progress.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Settling in

It's so good to be home! Yesterday was busy all day .... previously I would not have been able to keep up with it all! Today I worked out for an hour and a half and still feel great!

I just wanted to check in and let you know that my 10 year old and my husband both treated yesterday.

My daughter treated at 25% for 200 seconds. Dr. W said 200 seconds for her age, and I picked the 25% in case she had a reaction. She did great! She had a bad tummy ache a little while afterward, and that has been the symptom that made me suspect Lyme to begin with. I did not suggest what she would feel, but told her to let me know if she felt anything at all. I'll jump up to 50% power with her next treatment.

Hubby treated at 100%, felt nothing during treatment and nothing today. So, apparently, in 24 years of marriage, he's not caught it from me .... perhaps he carries it and is not sick from it? He will finish the five treatments more for my sake, so if he carries it he does not give it back to me. :)

My 15 year old who has been formally diagnosed with Lyme and has finished abx treatment will start her Photon therapy after finals and marching band are over.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Made it!

Hi everyone! I'm home!

It was rough .... I was up for 24 hours straight! On the plane next to me was sitting a large man who took up more than his share of space .... very nice guy, but I finally had to tell him I needed room .... He wasn't overflowing from his seat, he just took up some of my space with his arms if he had them at his side as he did 95% of the trip. So, it was a very long 11 hour flight.

US Customs was EASY! I waited to have my stuff checked and the guy asked me what the private medical device was .... when I told him he asked if it was used and I said yes as I had used it once while there .... he said that next time I shouldn't even put that type of thing down, he crossed it off, and I went on my way.

When I got off the plane in Atlanta, I felt very dizzy. I started feeling dizzy during the descent, which seemed rather fast ... it wasn't like it normally is, a little at a time, it seemed way too fast. I got light headed and even told the guy who checked the passports that I thought I was going to faint .... he just ignored me.

I checked my pulse, and sitting down it was about 125 beats per minute and was skipping beats as well. I sat down for 20 min., then went and got a bowl of soup, sat for some more time, and by the time I was to board the next plane, it was more normal. If it wasn't, I don't think I would have gotten on the second plane.

I got home and was in bed by 10, then slept 10 hours till Mr. Sixgoofy woke me up for Mass. I'll look forward to sleeping tonight, that's for sure!

Everyone says I have so much more energy, which is good considering how tired I am.

I thought I had lost weight in Germany, but I didn't .... I did, however, lose 5% body fat, woohoo!

Going home!!

What a morning!

Steel and Willow's flight was three hours earlier than mine. Since we hired a driver to bring us here, I had no choice but to sit and wait. Finally, the Delta check in counter opened so I could ask them about getting a custom stamp for the Bionic 880. I need a stamp because I paid the German tax on the machine. The tax is 20% and is refundable with a custom stamp on the receipt.

Sounds easy, right? Well, if it weren't a German holiday today it might have been. So, I was in terminal 3 to check in, they said to go to customs and use the phone since no one is there. The person on the phone said I must go back to terminal 1 ..... so I did, and got the stamp. Then I went back to terminal 3 to check into my flight.

I was told by the company that makes the Bionic 880 to go to the duty-free shop and they would give me the tax refund minus a fee. When I went to the duty-free shop, they said they didn't refund tax money to go to customs. So, back to security ..... they didn't know what to do .... to the police, he said go to the bank ..... back to terminal 1 to the bank ..... closed .... back to customs ..... they said to mail it back to the company, and I did have a pre-addressed stamped envelope, so I put it in the envelope with a note asking for a refund to my Visa ..... since they don't take Visa, I don't know what will happen, but I don't have my banking information here ..... so, then, if only I knew where the mailbox was!!! I found it and and hour and a half later, with my way to expensive and way too puny cappuccino, here I sit waiting for my flight.

I hope it goes a little more smoothly with US customs in Atlanta, but I must say, I'm nervous. My machine is checked in my luggage and I hate being parted from it.

Thankfully, the machine has worked well and I had the energy to do all this walking around .... but I pity the person sitting next to me as I feel I ran a marathon and may smell like it, LOL!

So, for those of you coming here for treatment ...... go to customs in terminal 1, then to the bank .... if the bank is closed, then mail the form in the envelope (mailbox by information desk in terminal 1). Then go check in at your airline.

I got ART testing last night (thanks, Better Health Guy!!!) and tested free of Lyme, but positive for Babesia, Erlichia, and Bartonella. We really don't know if these will clear with time because the Lyme is gone or if they will also need treatment. Nosodes are not available for these infections, but Dr. W said to use my blood and they will clear.

I also tested positive by ART for black mold. Fortunately, I still have my bed, so I can put samples of it in a vial for treatment with the photons.

ART was very interesting and I found it went along with my intuition regarding what is working and what is not. There were no real surprises, except that I tested fine for gluten!! Woohoo!

All in all, I am very, very glad I came. Dr W is very caring, and so is his staff. I feel much better and think that further treatment will take care of the other infections. I hope this is available soon in the US so that everyone can benefit from it.