Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bartonella treatment

Once I returned from Rome I treated babesia/erlichia a couple more times. I also treated Lyme just to try to help with some of the symptoms I was having that may have simply been the flu. That flu was a bugger! It was a solid two weeks of relentless illness. Finally, it let up and I steadily got better with no apparent Lyme flare. This was a respiratory flu, so I am certain that it was not the Lyme Disease acting up.

But, I give myself no rest .... as soon as it started clearing and before I was 100% over it, I began treating bartonella. It knocked my socks off! I did not do what I had been doing .... starting at 25% and working up. I figured I had felt so well in Rome that I would jump right into treating at 100%. Whoa!

I believe bart to be a very old infection for me. I was bitten many times as a child and have Lyme and bart symptoms that I can trace back to my childhood. The three times I was very ill from Lyme prior to getting sick again five years ago, I had Lyme and bart symptoms. The babesia symptoms did not start until I was bitten again five years ago.

The babesia really seemed to make the Lyme more difficult to manage as the other three times I was disabled by it, I was able to overcome it without medical intervention in only a matter of a few months each time. The babesia was the one I couldn't stop treating for a moment without it coming roaring back. Mepron and I were close friends, and as soon as I got off it to prepare for Germany, I crashed.

However, the babs treatment with the photons went well. I eased into it and kept on it. I went to Rome in the middle of treatment, which is why I needed the tonic to hold me over until I got back.

The bart on the other hand, I seem to have been able to live with it long term more easily. My body adapted to having it. My oldest symptoms are fatigue, but not the same as with Lyme .... this fatigue comes and goes and is worse in the morning .... and fibromyalgia pain in my upper back ... also sore throat. These symptoms all flared badly when I began treating the bart.

Another unexpected flare was various emotions that I had back in Middle School and High School. It was like the bart and the feelings went together. This is not the first time this has happened to me, but for some reason this time it caught me by surprise.

I will have my 5th bart treatment today. I hope it's not as tough as the 4th. :)

I've started doing two other things along with the photon treatment. One is a better diet. I'm eating more raw fruits and vegetables with every meal and am juicing at least once per day. This seemed to cause some discomfort in the beginning, so I was sure to take some Zeolite and do other detox rituals that have helped me in the past during this adventure.

The other thing I've added is massage. I've found a guy who is trained in all kinds of massage including cranio-sacral and lymphatic drainage. The first time I went to him was when I was just feeling a little relief from the flu. He said my lymph was slightly clogged. The next day I was very sore where he had done most of his work.

The second time I went in he said that area felt much better and that my body didn't seem to be begging for his help to drain the lymph. He worked more on my back/neck/shoulders where I have gotten pain dating back to high school. I have memories in high school and college of feeling like my sweaters and coats were too heavy .... this has flared again with bart treatment.

The massage therapist said there were a lot of toxins in there that the muscles didn't know what to do with. He could feel these pockets, and so could I when he found one. That was yesterday ..... today, I felt tired and unmotivated all morning, and the area he worked on is sore. He said there is a lot more work to do in that area, one time is not going to get it like it did the lymph (not that the lymph is drained, but it's moving .... the exercise helps that tremendously).

Even though the bart treatment has been difficult, I have been functional, though I rest more. Today I took it easy this morning, then went to the gym, met hubby at Starbucks (okay, diet isn't perfect!), went to the grocery, and am getting ready to cook dinner before I drive kids around.

I feel like I have reached a different point in my treatment. I feel like now I'm helping my body to "decompensate" .... it has been compensating for being ill for years and now needs to find ways to function normally. I am sleeping about 9 hours per night (cutting back on sleep meds), I take time to relax every day, I work out, I eat right, I photon twice per week, I use my Mercola tanning lights (I can't really say I'm tanning as I don't look tan since I'm only using it for vitamin D and don't actually get dark), and I am still saying "no" to adding new things to my schedule. Overall, I am seeing improvement as time goes on.

The photon treatment is not an overnight cure, but in my book, it's been a miracle cure for me.


Shandy Monte said...

Six, I am so happy for all your improvements!! And your JUCING now!!! YAY! I remember when I first started... I felt TERRIBLE... wowza!! Anyway, I have to get back on track to with my eating.... I have been eating a few chips here and there... ;) Sometimes you have to treat yourself, but I do faithfully juice everyday and keep it mostly raw.

Keep it up!!! :)


sixgoofykids said...

Hi Shandy, Yes, I'm juicing again! I used to juice years ago, but stopped somewhere along the line. You have to have treats once in a while ..... otherwise you fall off the wagon too hard! :)

heather. said...

hey six, i'm so glad to hear of your continued improvements!

can i ask, what sorts of things do you cook for yourself/your family? i'm trying to get some ideas.. at the moment i don't eat gluten or sugar but everything else (as long as it's healthy/whole) is fair game.

thinking of you!


sixgoofykids said...

Hi Heather! Tonight I'm cooking roasted chicken, garlic green beans, salad, and soup .... all homemade ... I even make my own salad dressing.

I make soups, chili, etc. when it's cold out, and a lot more raw veggies when it is warmer out. I love homemade soups/stews.

Last night we had chili made with organic ground beef, crushed tomatoes, corn, black beans, navy beans, and spices. Served it over Fritos (no healthy alternative for Fritos, LOL) topped with organic shredded cheddar.

I made soup the other day out of chicken (simmered for several hours to get the good stuff out of the bones), celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, wild rice ... then added miso and herbs at the end. Most of the time I make up my recipes based on what I feel like eating!

Maybe I should start a recipe blog ... how to feed a family well most of the time, LOL! Seems like our past few meals were gluten-free .... guess that comes from the couple years I HAD to eat that way.

Mtndog said...

Hey Goofy Kids- I am SO SO glad to hear this!