Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Since I have been getting chiropractic adjustments so often recently, I stopped getting my bimonthly massages. I belong to one of those places where you pay a monthly fee and one massage comes with it, then your other massages are at a deep discount. It's really a great deal and the therapist is wonderful and well-trained.

Since the month is almost over (well, for massage purposes the month starts on the 11th), I went. He used to feel all kinds of "crunchy" stuff in my shoulder muscles. He also, if you remember from previous posts, told me I was twisted starting at my right foot.

Yesterday, he didn't feel any crunchies and my lymph nodes were as small as they've ever been since I've been seeing him. He said he felt threatened. I said, "Threatened by my chiropractor." He said no, that he told me from the beginning that if I needed bone moved that I needed to see a chiropractor, but that he felt threatened by the Pilates! He feels that I hardly need him anymore. He was very excited to see me doing so well, but at the same time felt like I might not need to rely on the massages like I did before.

I assured him that I've been sore every minute since starting daily Pilates for this teacher training, so I would definitely need him, but maybe more for a relaxation massage. I won't need them twice per month though just to keep functioning.

I knew I felt better, but it's great to know that I objectively AM better!

Some of the lymph clearing may also have to do with the Dr. Natura cleanse. As usual, no way to tell what improvement comes from what treatment.

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