Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time! I haven't really had much to say. Things are still going well.

I liked the Dr. Natura cleanse and think I had a lot of benefits from it. I felt good consistently the whole time on it. Since I had ups and downs before, I think that it really helped with the toxins. I don't really have ups and downs anymore, I feel good pretty consistently now.

I'm still making kefir and kombucha regularly. I still have jars from my last batch of sauerkraut, so have not had to make it recently. I haven't had to even think about my digestion, so I believe these products have been a help. Pyroluria also causes digestive problems, so I'm sure being on the KPU protocol has helped with my GI issues, too.

I have an appt. with my new doctor Nov. 30, so I will update you again after that.

Pilates training is going very well. I've consistently worked out 5-9 hours per week since I started back in Sept. I did take a couple days off one week and was concerned that I might have been fatigued because of the Lyme coming back, but then I mentioned it to the other teacher trainees (who are also much YOUNGER than me!) and the ones working out as much as me also had to take a break that week.

My non-Lymie daughter and I are fighting a cold, but other than that, I've been feeling really well.

Thanks for checking in! I'll write again after my doctor's appt. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!!

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