Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back update

My chiropractor says I have more mobility and only has me coming in 2 times per week instead of 3. I am in less pain than I was, too. Sometimes the pain is completely gone. When I get up in the morning is still the most difficult, but I used to hardly be able to get out of bed, then had to lean on the bathroom counter to brush my teeth or wash my hands, now I do not.

I'm really able to tell in Pilates on the reformer that my hips are back to where the should be. It's really amazing!

One other thing, it seems that I also have a UTI. When my back started hurting, I started putting off using the bathroom because it hurt my back. I'm treating the UTI with colloidal silver and some kidney support. After a few days, my back pain is totally gone. I don't *think* this is the original origin of the pain, though it's possible. It would be highly coincidental that I had such drastic changes in my body at the exact time of the UTI.

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