Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bugs going around .... ALREADY!!!!

Two days ago I had to pick up my daughter from band practice because she came down with the stomach "flu". She stayed home from school yesterday and lied around all day (except for band practice because there's a contest this weekend, and if she missed practice, she wouldn't be able to march).

I had signs of an upset stomach that night, but felt good enough to go to a pilates class the next day. As the day progressed, my stomach became more upset. By the time I was spending a little too much time in the bathroom, it was too late to get a sub for my pilates classes so I taught them. Today, I feel sluggish, but I'm sitting upright blogging, so not bad. I'm getting my haircut later.

So, I'm pretty excited that my immune system is able to handle this bug and that I breezed through it more easily than my "healthiest" daughter!!! I *used* to be the one who caught everything ten times worse than everyone else!!! All signs that I'm truly getting healthier all the time.

I did load up on the vitamin D and used my Mercola tanning bed the day she came home sick .... and I took extra vitamin C as well.

I just hope I don't continue to catch EVERYTHING my kids catch. This is the second time they've been sick and the second time I've caught it from them. Ugh.

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