Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Skin brushing

I haven't focused on any new methods of detoxification lately. In the past I've used many forms of detox - parasites, liver cleanses, saunas, heavy metal detox, coffee enemas, herbs, etc.

I have owned a skin brush for many years. I have seldom used it. I have never been drawn to it.

The most recent detoxification I have used has been chemtox and metox with the Bionic 880. I really feel these two helped me let go of chemicals left over from all the drugs I had to take during treatment. I don't necessarily think I'm finished with these, but I'm ready to move on.

I've detoxed my liver, kidneys, and GI tract. What I haven't detoxed is my skin. I began using my skin brush about a week ago. At first it felt prickly, but the second or third day it felt good. I have a good quality brush made from natural materials. You don't just want to get any old brush out there. It needs to be natural.

There are also many ways to do it. I start with either my hands or my feet. I try to go over each area 7 times with long strokes moving towards my heart. I start away from my heart, and move closer. There are many sites out there with detailed instructions, what I really want to share is my experience with it.

My skin is feeling much softer already. I am relatively thin and am in good shape from doing pilates. However, I have a layer of cellulite that I have read can be from toxins. This makes sense because it got so much worse when I was sick even though I remained thin. Exercise and diet doesn't touch this.

The skin is one of the major detoxification organs, so needs to be kept working well. Mine never really has worked well. It's dry and scaly. There are areas that are thicker/rougher than others. The skin brushing is helping. My skin is already feeling softer.

I have been skin brushing, then taking an hour sauna (I get in when it's cool), then showering.

I am having the biggest healing healing crisis I've had in a long time!! I'm feeling achey and tired. I'm not liking it at all. I had a reaction to the chemtox and metox, but it was short-lived. I just felt like my body dumped the toxins into my system, I felt like I had taken a few Vicodin or something. Then it went away. This is lingering. I feel "puffy" in the morning when I wake up. My sinuses are filling up, but washing out easily with the neti pot. And I feel very toxic.

I didn't expect this reaction at all. I guess I should have. I have known for a long time that my skin is holding a lot of toxins. In iridology, the study of the iris, a scurf rim, or a dark rim around the outside of the iris, is indicative of the skin holding toxins. I have always had this rim. It became somewhat smaller with all my previous detoxification, but has never gone away and is still rather thick. So, I knew the toxins were there. Now I'm going after them.

What's interesting to me is that after I skin brush, I can hear my stomach make squirting noises like it does with a lymphatic massage. My massage therapist has told me that noise is the lymph dumping into the intestines. I also had diarrhea type stools the first few days into this, not like when you're sick, but sort of "ashey". I have started the Dr. Natura cleanse to help keep my bowels clear through this treatment. I'll stop the Dr. Natura when I'm through this little healing crisis.

I have reached new toxins with the skin brushing and saunas. I am hoping this helps me to reach a new level of health. I have been feeling really well prior to now, but still catch every bug my kids bring home. I am hoping that this makes my immune system even stronger. I'll keep you posted.

** update ** I am starting to feel better and my skin is getting even softer. It was just a couple days that it was making me feel bad, I'm a little fatigued, but not as bad as before. I'm sure the Dr. Natura cleanse is helping move toxins out.

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