Friday, March 4, 2011

Gut update

I just realized when I was eating a big salad for lunch that I haven't talked about my gut much on here lately. Last I did I still couldn't eat salad as a main course, but was starting to be able to eat it as a side dish.

My gut has healed more since then and now I can enjoy salads for main dishes as well as fresh juices. I've been juicing lately and enjoying a lot of raw veggies with no problem. I do need HCL when I eat the raw veggies just as I do with any other meal I eat.

Also interesting is that I've been "properly combining" foods according to natural hygeine principals since I can eat veggies again, though a little looser than recommended in The Body Ecology Diet. My diet goes along more with Fit for Life, that diet book from the 80's. I eat fruit until noon, then don't eat an animal protein with a starchy carb for the other meals. I wait about three hours between meals.

What's interesting about it is that when I eat this way, I require less HCL than when I don't. Also, when I eat this way I have a TON more energy than when I don't. I ate this way for about ten years prior to getting sick, but had to stop because I had lost so much weight when I was ill (it's hard to keep weight on when you properly combine) and because I couldn't eat raw veggies, which is a big part of this way of eating.

I mentioned my surge of energy to my 22 year old daughter. She said that she was always the same way when she food combined. It was a tough time to get the motivation to start this "diet", but after only one week, I was SOLD on it again!!! It's worth the trouble.


tahoma94 said...

Hi Six:

What do you think has helped the most with healing your gut?

sixgoofykids said...

Hi Tahoma,

I have to wonder how much AI helped. I can eat raw foods again. I also think taking the Thorne Bio-gest has been HUGE for me. Also all the fermented foods - kefir, kombucha, and sauerkraut.

Lindsay said...

I am on a similar diet due to Lyme-based gut issues, though it is called The Raw Food Detox Diet and is geared towards detoxifying the body.

Anyway, its nice to find someone who doesn't think this strange. Take care.

sixgoofykids said...

Haha, no, I don't think it's strange. I couldn't eat like this when I was sick, but it feels good to be able to eat like this again. You'll find you feel great eating this way even when you're not sick anymore!

heather said...

do you never eat starch with animal protein? what do you combine animal protein with, and do you only eat it later in the day? i don't know much about food combining..

sixgoofykids said...

Hi Heather, animal protein can be eaten with vegetables. So, if I were to eat a steak, I would eat it with some veggies and a salad. It could be eaten anytime after noon and still be following the "rules."