Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October update

Hi Everyone! Still doing well. I'm teaching pilates, taking care of my family with good food and spending time with them, and in general, doing great!

 I have found that one drop of iodine is plenty. I muscle test every day for my Armour Thyroid and need a half one day, a whole the next. So I'm alternating between a half and whole grain. Maybe my thyroid will eventually heal completely.

 I still take iron and my gyno thinks I'll have to until menopause. I've been taking it since puberty. I added blackstrap molasses because it's a natural source of iron and other minerals. I prefer to go with food sources when I can, but I still take one Blood Builder per day most days.

 I still take 5HTP for sleep.

 I juice off and on. Recently, I have been juicing. I eat healthy with no grains. I do pilates three days per week and one day do sprints on the Spinning bike for 20 min. and a shorter pilates session of 25 min. 

So, I'm healthy and busy and live day to day without even thinking of Lyme Disease. I tell people "I used to have Lyme." It's not like remission where you have to do something to stay there, I'm just healthy. And I do things to stay healthy ... but in a normal, I'm almost 50 way. I hope all of you are doing well and getting better every day!

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