Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No flare up!

I just realized after I posted yesterday that I did not have a symptom-flare this month!! Woohoo!


Starlings Preschool said...

hey Six, I just tuned into your blog after not having visited for awhile. incredible progress.

Can I ask what you did for the bartonella....I think you mentioned 7 treatments for each pathogen, is that about right? Did the bartonella-specific symptoms (you mention emotional symptoms and morning fatigue) disappear?

sixgoofykids said...

Hi Starlings, yes it has been incredible progress!

I used the Deseret Biologicals bart nosodes and I planned on treating 10 times, but ended up treating 7. I just felt like I needed a break.

I got tired of waiting to have my thyroid tested (I have had shortness of breath, not like air hunger, and insomnia) so I reduced my cytomel on my own, I just couldn't take it. Since I did that a few days ago, I have been symptom-free for the past few days. So, yes, the emotional symptoms and the morning fatigue have now disappeared.