Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Off abx 6 months!

It was six months ago today that I had my last in-person LLMD visit prior to going to Germany. I stopped abx after that visit, but continued antimalarials another month. I declined once I stopped the abx, and even more after stopping the antimalarials. After the Germany treatment, I felt good and have begun to feel even better since I've been back.

I've been continuing with the juicing, exercise, getting enough sleep, etc. I have really seen improvement in the past couple weeks in how I feel. Mentally the paradigm shift of focusing on health rather than the illness has been good for me. You have to be careful with Lyme, it can become a hobby .... at some point in the recovery, you just have to say, "I'm just a health freak who USED to be sick."

I have one concern and that is shortness of breath. It is different than the air hunger I used to get with babesia, so I am thinking it is not the babesia relapsing. I used to be able to do breathing exercises I learned years ago in band and the air hunger would diminish, it does not work for this.

I tested hyper-thyroid last time my thyroid was checked (Jan.), so perhaps it is still hyper even after reducing my thyroid medication. I will get it tested again, hopefully this week.

Also, I was using some drops in my water (Cell Food). My husband got shortness of breath bad enough to wake him up when he used the drops, so it could be as simple as that. I stopped using the drops yesterday.

If it's not the thyroid and if stopping the drops does not help, then I will have to assume it's the babesia still hanging around. No problem, I plan on starting back on the Bionic in a couple weeks using blood for a nosode anyway, so it will get taken care of then. I had many tick bites, the nosodes I used were for babesia microti, so perhaps I have another babesia strain besides that one.

Even with the shortness of breath, I am still on the upswing.

I had a massage today and the therapist said I seem to be responding better than I did when I first started going to him a couple months ago. He said my lymph nodes feel full, but not clogged .... they are doing their job .... obviously I still have some toxins to deal with. I am feeling a bit fatigued after my massage just as I normally do .... nothing like Lyme fatigue, just some general "I'd rather sit down" fatigue.

Well, I just wanted to share my good news! I hope this finds all of you well!


Homeopath said...

Interesting blog here....

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Six :),

It's great to see that you continue on the upswing with your health.

I just wanted to mention something about babesia that might be of interest to you. When you told me that you had taken Mepron for a couple of years (I think it was, right?) and still hadn't gotten rid of the infection, and based upon what you mention here about possibly having a different strain other than B. microti, I would have to add an emphatic "yes", I think you could be right, because microti is easier to get rid of than b. duncani--duncani often doesn't respond to prolonged courses of Mepron, whereas microti I have heard, does. And there are probably more strains like duncani, I tested energetically for FIVE strains of babesia, no wonder 6,000 mg of artemisia per day has done nothing for me--so I think treating with your blood is an excellent idea, that way you don't have to know whether you are using the right nosode, right?

Thanks for your updates!