Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick update

I did treatment #3 at 100% power with blood last night. I didn't sleep longer than normal like I normally do after photon treatment. I didn't have left-sided pain, and my shortness of breath is minimal with no chest tightness.

I have been fatigued for the past few days, since Saturday. I have two sick kids, so perhaps that's why. If you're a poster on Lymenet, you know that has been a source of stress for me lately, and in fact, I'm on a hiatus from there till I'm feeling better again, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Stress is not good for the adrenals, and I'm building mine back up after a prolonged illness. I've also forgotten to take my iron supplement for the past few days. It's hard to remember everything is not Lyme, but it appears that I have several options of where this fatigue might be coming from aside from Lyme.

I did end up stopping Cytomel completely. My basal temperatures were higher than 98.6, and basal temps are a good indicator of thyroid function. Some docs say even better than blood tests. My shortness of breath, chest tightness, and insomnia are all improving. Of course, some of this could be from treatment as well.

During my month off, I actually forgot how difficult treatment with photons is. My body is working on these lingering infections/symptoms, and I feel it. I am anxious to take my next break!!! I believe 3 more treatments and I'll be taking time off again ... that's six treatments with blood, not including the one at 25% .... Dr. W uses six treatments for Lyme.


Lymic said...

Hi Six! Wow, 3rd treatment with blood, you've come a long way! Do you foresee yourself feeling 100% after the 6th treatment with blood?

And please keep us posted on how you feel after this treatment (the 3rd one with blood). I want to know if others get knocked out after the treatment as the Bionic does its thing.

Take care.

KaitlinB said...

Hi Six,

Thanks for updating your blog so regularly and letting us know how your treatment is going! It's exciting to see the progress you have made.

My husband and I have appointments scheduled with Dr. W in Germany in April. I wanted to take my father also (he is quite ill with Lyme and co-infections), but he would not be able to endure the trip.

I am hoping to treat my father with the Bionic & nosodes when we return from Germany. I know those that have gone to Germany feel this treatment should be done under a doctor's care, but I don't have any choice.

Dr. W's office gave me their email address so I could send them my email address (the language is an issue and they evidently did not correctly understand my email address when we were speaking).

Anyway, what I understood their email to be is as follows:

Could you confirm that this email address is correct? I was expecting an email from Dr. W's office with additional information about the treatment and cost (at least this is what they indicated they would be emailing).

Sorry for the long post. I hope your children are well soon. Thanks again for the wonderful blog..it is very helpful, especially to those considering or planning a trip to Dr. W.

Take care.

sixgoofykids said...

Hi Lymic, I was close to 100% before treating with blood. I had treated with borrelia, babesia/erlichia, and bartonella first, so I was doing quite well. I'm now really feeling how much WORK my body does during photon treatment since I had such a nice break from it. I'm not really wiped-out-lyme tired, but I'm a bit more fatigued than normal. I do think this could get me to the 100% mark. I hope it continues to go well for you. I'm reading your blog with interest.

Hi Kaitlin, I can't wait to hear how it goes for you! Please keep me posted, okay? Yes, that is the email I have for Dr. W.

KaitlinB said...

Thanks, six for confirming Dr. W's email address. Did you find that they took a good amount of time to email the treatment info to you?

I will definitely keep you posted on my treatment! I am planning to set up a blog, as you and others have done, as I think it is very helpful to others. Take care.

sixgoofykids said...

Yes, it did.

bettyblue said...

Hi Sixgoofy,

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear that you are still doing well, apart from the extra fatigue lately. I hope that passes soon.

I have a question re treating bart..you said in an earlier blog you treated each pathogen 7 times and you had 2 treatments a week. Do think it was important to treat the Bart every few days?

Its just that I've just started treating the bart (been feeling pretty terrible from it but did do some mercury chelation at the same time which was a v bad idea!) but I'm only having one treatment a week...and I know bart recycles every few days so I am wondering if I should treat it twice a week as with the lyme. Did Dr W advise twice a week for all the coinfections too or did you just decide to do twice a week anyway? I wondered what your thoughts were?

Thanks and hope you to continue to do well, take care.

sixgoofykids said...

I treated all the coinfections just as Dr. W treated the Lyme, except that I used 28 hz for coinfections per his instructions. I never discussed specifics for coinfection treatment, but since he told me to use a different hz, I assumed all else stayed the same.

I think that what's happening now is, not only is my body getting tired from working on this, but now I'm addressing the specific strains of the infections that I have. The nosodes were pretty specific .... and I didn't have those strains according to blood tests. It also might be hitting infections we don't even know about.

Generally I feel better after my fourth treatment of any of the infections, so I'm looking forward to that treatment with the blood. Good luck with your continuing treatment. It's always good to hear from others using the bionic (and from those who aren't).

bettyblue said...

Hi Sixgoofy,

Thanks a lot for the reply and for the info. Thats interesting that Dr W suggested using a different frequency for the coinfections, thanks for letting me know I will try that and see what happens.

I was wondering that too about the strains..I dont know what strains I have so dont know if what Ive been doing just with the ampoules for borrelia burgdorferi will deal with the other strains too. When you say you think your body is now dealing with the strains I guess that is based on intuition? Or is from testing? Do you use the biotenser? Sorry for all the questions!

Take care.

heather. said...

hi six --

so glad you're continuing to feel better. i'm really excited about this photon stuff. :)

quickly: are you treating with a single drop of blood alone, or do you make a homeopathic autonosode out of your blood & treat with that?

thanks, and lots of love to you.

sixgoofykids said...

Heather, I just treat with the blood, I didn't make a nosode out of it. Dr. W said it was okay to put potato vodka in it, so I did so that I wouldn't be looking at a clump of dried up blood.

Betty, I'm just guessing. I have a few theories on why I might be having such a hard time with this round of photon treatment. I'm just wondering if it's hitting some co's that the nosodes didn't .... BLO's for example? I was diagnosed with them, but the bart I used did not cover all of them.