Sunday, March 1, 2009

Treating again

My almost four weeks off treatment went really well. I took the supplements I mentioned previously, though I cut out the kelp. I continued to juice, eat healthy, and exercise.

I still am not sleeping great, but am getting by on a half an Ambien. I seem to wake up at the slightest noise (I sleep with earplugs, so that helps). I sleep straight through when hubby is out of town .... maybe it's HIS fault I wake up, LOL! Even with wakeups, I'm getting nine hours total per night.

All my pain is gone, even the left shoulder pain and I've been practicing my flute more than I used to. The fatigue is gone, too.

My doctor wouldn't send me a thyroid test because the testing is not due till next month .... so I didn't get that test taken. I reduced my thyroid meds myself (bad to do, but I called twice about getting the test done early, grrr) and cut out the kelp.

The shortness of breath has still been bothering me along with some chest tightness. Not enough to make me feel bad, but enough to be very annoying. I remembered that I got psittacosis around the time I started declining with the Lyme. Psittacosis is a respiratory disease caused by chlamydia psittaci .... it causes the two symptoms I'm still having. Of course, it's as hard to get diagnosed with Psittacosis as it is with Lyme (never got a diagnosis, but got treated anyway). Since so many with Lyme get chlamydia pneumonia infections in a chronic form, I'm thinking that perhaps the chlamydia psittaci is still lingering. Just a theory.

I don't think I'll be able to find nosodes of that illness, besides, I'm ready to treat with blood to mop up all the remaining pathogens I might have. I started this new protocol on Friday. It was a JOKE trying to get a few drops of blood out of my fingers! I had a safety pin, some rubbing alcohol and fear of pricking myself. Hubby said he'd be happy to do it ... yeah, right, not in a million years! So, instead of getting one good prick and getting enough blood, I pricked about four fingers to get a few drops. I mixed the blood with potato vodka as the doc in Germany said was okay to do.

The breathing problems have let up slightly. I have more energy. I really don't feel sick at all!!! :)

I did have flare ups after the treatment. The left side of my abdomen was bothering me a lot. It was like there was something there that didn't fit .... spleen? I have a rib that is detached on that side ... Dr. W asked if I was in an accident when I showed it to him (he's also a chiropractor) .... I've had a lot of left-sided pain throughout the illness, sometimes severe ... and guess what? I've seen spleen pain on lists of Psittacosis symptoms! Anyway, that flared up after treatment with the blood. When I was really symptomatic, this pain was almost enough to get me to go to the ER ... severe pain that needed painkillers. The flare up was not that bad at all, but terribly uncomfortable.

So, I'm a couple days past the first treatment at 25% power and feeling great! GREAT! I will increase the power to 50% tomorrow.

I went another month without a flare up. I am not symptom-free so I don't consider that to mean I'm in remission, but I think I'm really, really close.

I'm also looking forward to the thyroid tests which I guess will be next month.

I tried to put a counter on this blog to see if people are still reading .... I'd love to know (let me know either here or wherever else you see me). I hope this finds all of you well. Take care.


Shandy Monte said...

Hi SIx,

I read all the time!!!!

So your experience with this is incredible! I hope you are feeling a lot better after that flare up. It seems to me that you ARE in remission from Lyme! Maybe you just now have this last bit of infection to clear up... i hope!!

I think you are certainly on the right path. I am just so happy it worked for you as well as it has!

Have you thought about using the AI drops?? SInce I cannot get to Germany I thoguht maybe I would use the drops and hopefully can use a bionic that comes to the states.

:) Peace,

sixgoofykids said...

Thanks, Shandy! Yes, I think the borrelia is in remission. When I speak of the Lyme Disease being close to being in remission, I'm talking about Lyme as the "umbrella" diagnosis for a myriad of health issues.

I don't know much about the AI drops. I think they're probably good, but I think you can probably accomplish the same through a classic homeopath.

I also believe that the body has an innate ability to heal when given what it needs. Obviously, we have been overwhelmed and need to address pathogens, but once addressed, I believe that fresh air, sunshine, good food, juice, exercise, sleep, etc. will be enough. I could be wrong, but that is my thinking .... seems to be working for me. I made as much progress this past month of working on health as I did the previous month of working on pathogens.

I accidently treated today on 100% instead of 50% ..... ooops! I was loopy for a few hours and had some left sided pain, but feel fine this afternoon. I really feel like I'll be done after this next three weeks of treatment.

I have been feeling 100% lately with just this shortness of breath and insomnia, which I can't help but think could be thyroid related since I was hyperthyroid last time it was checked.

Anonymous said...

I just popped over. I am signing up for updates and will be reading. Thanks so much for keeping this blog! Robin

Connie said...

Thanks Six for keeping us updated. It does give me hope although I can't make it to Germany. I can't fly because of POTS (postural orthastatic tachycardia syndrome) thanks to lyme. I'm hoping there will eventually be someone in the US doing this treatment. I'm so glad you are doing so well. Keep posting as you go along. Thanks again.