Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jan. update

Hi friends! Just a quick update ....

I have ramped up to the full dosage of Neuroreplete. I have seen a few good results from it. For one, my basal temperatures are more consistent. They used to jump around a lot, now they are more consistent from day to day. Secondly, I used to spot several days before menstruation, that has stopped completely. I thought it was due to age (I'm 46), apparently it was not. I believe I'm sleeping more soundly, but that's hard to tell, I'll let you know once I'm on the full dosage a couple weeks.

I also got muscle tested again, last time was last April and I was still testing positive for babs and bart .... and oddly enough lice?? Remember that?! Well, all three of those are clear now! For the first time I tested clear of all Lyme and coinfections!! Woohoo!!

My organs also tested as clear, but still had some heavy metal toxicity. Also tested positive for a fungal infection. I have a rash on my forehead that I had figured out was fungal, so I am guessing the rash is what showed up.

It seems I have regained my health!! I am currently taking KPU, iron, magnesium, Neuroreplete, and thyroid. I also take resveratrol, a good antioxidant.

To work on toxicity as it's an ongoing problem for everyone, I am taking saunas twice per week and doing coffee enemas the next morning. I notice when I wake up the morning after a sauna, my lymph system feels a bit sluggish. My massage therapist also noticed this during my last massage. I believe the saunas are pulling out a lot of toxins. I only go in for 30 min, any longer and I don't feel good. I plan on doing this protocol for a while .... until I feel I am no longer getting a benefit.

I hope this finds all of you well. Thanks for reading.


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

uch good news. thanks for posting

Shandy Monte said...

This is so awesome! And I am VERY inspired!! YOU DID IT!!!