Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AI Results!!

I got my results from Allergie Immun today!!

Pretty much everything is in the "yellow zone". There are a lot of different areas they test regarding the energy in the body, and all those areas except 4 were in the "yellow zone". That means I have "partial impairment" in various areas, things like excretory system, cardio-vascular system, fluid balance, etc. This is no surprise. This is why I'm constantly working on optimizing my health .... because even though the Lyme and other infections are gone, I don't feel I'm always at my best. I feel sluggish at times, particularly when I'm on a detox protocol.

In the red - secondary energy supply (intestines), information flow at synaptic gap, and toxic burden by recirculating heavy metals.
In the green - complementary energy supply (sexuality).

It says my pineal gland, thyroid and pancreas are blocked. No surprise there.

No milk allergy. Again, no surprise.

It does say that I'm sensitive to wheat, gluten, corn, and soy. I've felt the need to limit these even though ART showed no sensitivity to them, so not really surprised, but I none of them give me noticeable problems.

I also had fungi/mold, metals, and chemical toxins show up. Again, no surprise.

One interesting thing I read on the report is that when the excretory system is not working properly, the toxins are not getting out. As a result, if you do a detoxification program, you end up with recirculating toxins. This must be why I can only skin brush once a week. I get the toxins circulating but I'm limited to how much I can eliminate, so I have to go at it more slowly.

Overall, the report didn't tell me anything surprising. I should get the drops in a week or two and will keep you posted.

Hopefully, they'll help me enough that I never have an anaphylactic reaction to my non-shellfish dinner that was prepared near shellfish ever again!!!


troutfarm said...

Thanks for sharing this info.

How much does it cost to do AI these days?

Did it say anything about candida or yeast in your report of does it not mention yeast?

From my understanding of gluten it is hard on the immune system even if for people who can tolerate it.

sixgoofykids said...

It's a little over $600 these days for AI. I just got my drops today, but am not starting them for a week because I'm traveling next week and don't know what to expect.

I didn't see anything about candida or yeast.

That's my understanding of gluten as well. I was kind of surprised that dairy was not a problem only in the sense that caseine is also hard to digest. Then again, I've never had an issue with dairy, and when I was sick I could not eat any gluten.

tahoma94 said...

Have you done a metal detox?

Also have you considered the methylation protocol to improve detox ability?

sixgoofykids said...

Hi Tahoma,

I don't know much about the methylation protocol.

I did do a heavy metal detox. Back in 1991 I had my amalgams out and chelated. Then during my abx treatment I did a heavy metal protocol for lead.