Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mold update

The second round is going well. A few days ago I was still fatigued, but functional. I was ready to quit. Now I'm feeling pretty normal, but still muscle testing well for the Natura and oregano oil, so I'm continuing. I didn't have the organ pain this time, probably either due to a lower load or the Dr. Natura, which has herbs for organ support.

The Dr. Natura isn't as, um, interesting, as the first time, but it does seem to be cleaning things. It's probably good to use once a year, I think.

I used the Bionic the other day, and that is what made me not quit. It gave me some energy back. I *think* that since I was releasing mold, that it may have been in the blood I used so may be helping me to get rid of it more easily.

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