Saturday, July 16, 2011

Addressing mold .... finally

I'm still taking a break from the AI drops. I just don't feel that I need them right now and muscle testing confirms that I should wait.

One day when I was getting out my vitamins, I saw the oregano oil. I had someone muscle test me and got a strong yes. I took four drops, three times daily for two weeks, then stopped testing well for it. At the time I hadn't thought about why I might have been feeling the need for it. In the past it's been wicked stuff and made me feel horrible. This time I felt great the whole time on it and my breathing got better. I have had a shortness of breath (different than babesia air hunger) pretty constantly for years. I was thinking it was normal.

After the two weeks, I had what felt like a UTI. It hurt bad, so I tried to wash it out by drinking a lot of water, and that would keep it from hurting. This went on for a week, and during that time my spleen started hurting and I was fatigued. My spleen hasn't hurt since I did a spleen detox by Pekana a couple years ago. What I think happened was that the oregano killed off the mold and then my detoxification organs were overworked trying to get the dead mold out. Slowly, with some herbal support (Pekana mainly) and some binding with bentonite clay, it worked is way out and I felt good.

The last time I was ART tested over a year ago, the last two things remaining as primary blockages were heavy metals and fungi, which almost always go hand-in-hand. Mold is a fungi. A few weeks before I went to Germany I had discovered a mold I was exposed to in my Select Comfort bed. The older beds have a mold problem (there was no recall, so if you have this kind of bed, please look under the foam next to the bladder). My LLMD tried to detox this mold from my system with chlolestyramine and Diflucan. The problem was, I was too weak for the treatment, so all this time I ignored the mold issue. I just simply didn't know how to address it.

Now I am in the process of going through round two of the oregano oil. This time I am only testing for two drops twice daily. I am also taking the Dr. Natura cleanse at the same time. Dr. Natura has several of the herbs recommended for mold detox, plus it keeps the bowels moving a little better than normal so will hopefully prevent my detox organs from getting overworked this time.

At this point I don't know how many rounds I'll need. I'm excited that my body was finally ready to address the mold, especially since it, along with heavy metals, was the last "primary blockage."

Supplement list -

Oregano oil 2 drops twice daily
Dr. Natura cleanse
Armour Thyroid
5 HTP for sleep
Thorne Bio-gest for digestion

Iron (no longer every day)
Multiple vitamin (not consistently)
B vitamins (not consistently)
Vitamin C (not consistently)

Sometimes I take resveratrol, ALA, bentonite clay, cilantro

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