Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost a year off abx!

It was a year ago this month that I stopped antibiotics! I stopped antimalarials one month later. After stopping my health crashed, but I went to Germany in October for three weeks of Bionic 880 therapy .... the rest of the story starts in October on this blog.

Currently, the only symptoms I have are fibromyalgia and fatigue when the fibro is flaring. It seems to clear up completely after liver cleanses and stays away for a couple weeks afterward. It also helps to have lymphatic drainage massages. I am guessing it's mostly toxin related. The length of time the fibro and fatigue stays away after the liver cleanses is increasing.

I am sleeping better and continue to improve in this area. I take "I Sleep Soundly" by Banyan Herbs and 5HTP.

I continue to exercise four days per week. Forty minutes of cardio three or four days .... two days of advanced pilates .... and two days of lifting weights.

I am juicing twice daily if I have the time .... fruit in the morning and veggie in the afternoon .... along with eating right.

I treat once monthly with the Bionic 880 using blood as a nosode.

Here's a list of all that I take:

Depyrrol (a zinc, manganese, B6 formula)
Oil of Evening Primrose


Heel Detox homeopathics daily
Red Root tinture for lymphatics daily
parsley/burbur when I feel toxic
coffee enemas when I feel toxic


I Sleep Soundly (Banyan)

I am trying to take as little as possible. The photon treatment stands alone for treating the "illness", so the rest of what I do is to build up vitamins/minerals that have been affected by illness or to detox. I need to find a multiple vitamin that I like and tolerate. I have been having trouble because I like the ones from food sources, but most of them have chlorella, which I am allergic to. I also have gut problems which run in my family, so I can't blame it on the Lyme ... and that causes trouble with some multiples for me. Hopefully, juicing picks up the slack.

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