Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick update

Adding fermented foods is going very well. I am surprised that the taste of all of them is growing on me .... I am starting to like the Komubucha, and I'm loving the homemade sauerkraut .... a totally different beast than store-bought, pasteurized stuff. I eat it with things you wouldn't think of, like in a veggie burrito, or topped on a homemade pizza made with a pizza crust from the health food store, olive oil, organic cheese, chopped up bratwurst (be sure to put the sauerkraut on after the pizza comes out of the oven). I think I might make reubens this weekend if the new batch is ready by then.

I tried a batch with green cabbage, onion, garlic, and carrot .... can't wait to taste it! A second batch with red and green cabbage, which is turning a pretty fuschia color as it ferments.

My bottles just came in today that I ordered for my homemade kombucha, so I'll be making it soon!!! I'll keep you posted on the progress.

I started the Dr. Natura cleanse three days ago. It's going well, and I'm feeling GREAT lately!!! All I'm taking is - KPU protocol, iron, magnesium, Dr. Natura, and sleeping herbs. I started a multiple vitamin, but I don't really seem to want it ... I know how weird that sounds, but I just don't want it when I go to get it out of the jar.

I'm really excited about what I have decided to do with my time now that I'm feeling better. The problem with chronic illness is you are out of touch with the world for so long that when you get better, you are really in the habit of doing nothing. I am going to be training to teach pilates!!! I'm so excited! I've spent enough time laying around and I find it astounding that I am even able to think about taking a pilates class much less training to teach classes myself! I will be in 10 hours of training per week .... I'm excited.


tahoma94 said...

Hi Six:

I've been watching your story. Where are you located? Also, can you provide your recipe for the fermented cabbagge, etc?

I've just started KPU, but most of my problems are gut related. Thanks for your help,


sixgoofykids said...

Hi Karen!

Here's a video on fermenting veggies. This is exactly how I did it and they are excellent. Get rid of any of your ideas of what sauerkraut tastes like, this stuff is great and can even be a side dish like cold slaw would be.

This is how I made my kombucha

This is where I bought my kefir starter

The fermented foods have really worked for my gut. I eat them with every meal/snack and I have no GI problems. I was out of town for two days and did not eat the fermented foods, and still had no GI issues, though I started back on them as soon as I could.

KPU has been great, too. If you PM me on Lymenet, I can answer the more personal questions, but I don't want to do this so publicly.