Friday, August 7, 2009

Liver cleanse #5

I did my fifth liver cleanse yesterday. Only about 50 stones. No sludge. So, it appears my liver is clean. :) I won't do another for six months .... the Hulda Clark site recommends twice per year after the initial cleanses if I remember correctly.

I didn't get any relief from pain from the cleanse this time and it was time to do the photons again. I got a fresh vial of blood, this time more than just a few drops. I treated at 11.77, same times/places as in Germany. I started getting relief during treatment. I felt weird during treatment like I did in Germany, though not to that extent.

About 1PM, I rode my bike 3.5 miles to my pilates class, then rode back after an iced green tea at Starbucks (without sugar syrup) and after sitting out in the sun at the pool for 45 minutes. I got a little dizzy in Pilates when I was standing on the reformer and bent over to change my springs ... and a couple other times. Maybe not such a good idea being quite so active afterward when I still hadn't gotten a lot of food or fluids in my system, but I felt great otherwise and feel even better today.

Because of my response to the blood treatment and because of the long time away from photons, I will treat once per week for three weeks to try to really work on whatever infections are bringing me down. I suspect babesia because my air hunger flared a little tiny bit yesterday. I started taking quina since I can't get any good tonic water here anymore (should have kept my big mouth shut on Lymenet, LOL). Quina is probably better anyway since it's the herb without the sugar.

Overall, HUGE improvement since I came back from Germany last Nov. I'm really a different person. I still am having trouble getting involved in any commitments because it's just hard to trust I'll feel better day after day. This leaves me with a lot of "down time" with not much to do, but I don't want to fall into my old ways of getting over-extended. My good days are better than ever and my bad days are, too.

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