Monday, April 4, 2011

Healing reaction

It seems I'm having a wicked healing reaction with round two. I felt fine the first week. I started feeling like I had allergies or a cold yesterday. Last night I woke up with a 100.1 degree fever, achey, headache, clogged nose and sore throat. I took a Benadryl because I don't want it to turn into a sinus infection and neither my Sinol (pepper spray) nor the neti pot were working.

I was awake most of the night. This morning I had to take 2 Advil because I felt like my head was going to explode. This is much, much worse than the flu I had last winter. My husband stayed home from work most of the day to be here with me. He hasn't done that since I got better from Lyme. I have spent most of the day in bed, not watching TV or reading, just lying there with my eyes closed. I had fruit juice this morning that hubby made fresh. I had two cups of chicken soup. Now I'm eating some overcooked rice (in chicken broth) with chopped up heavily cooked veggies in it .... it's a soothing food.

My body is definitely doing something. This is not just a virus. I am actually quite surprised that a healing crisis is able to take me down like this. I knew they could, but I didn't think they did once you were doing as well as I've been doing. I guess I was wrong. I'll check in again in a couple days.


Today I am doing much better. I was up most of the night again, typical when detoxing. Once I got back to sleep about 5 AM, I slept in till 10, got up, juiced, showered, got dressed and have been up ever since, though just sitting, not active at all. I'm glad I understand the concept of "healing reactions" or "healing crises" or I would be nervous about how bad this made me feel.

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