Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is a healing crisis?

I was reading about healing crises and came across this article I thought I'd share. I wanted to share it because something about it struck me. So often Lyme patients talk about a "herx" or "herxheimer reaction" which happens from a die off of bacteria when herbs or antibiotics are started. This is not the same as a healing reaction.

A healing reaction is reached when the body has achieved enough energy to heal itself. It might be from a change in diet, from homeopathics, or some other treatment that increases the body's energy and vitality. I knew this. I was reading up on it for reassurance because when I feel bad, sometimes I need it. I needed to be reminded that what I'm feeling is a good thing because it sure feels bad.

What I found particularly interesting in this article is that they talk about how difficult it is in our current, polluted environment to actually reach a healing reaction. So, I guess I should be even happier than I am that I found a way to reach these crises. First round, I had the diarrhea and proceeded to have my gut healed so that I can eat raw veggies and fruits again. This round I'm having a very bad respiratory crisis. It will be interesting to see what comes next .... I just hope it doesn't hit me quite as hard as this round did .....

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