Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sent away for round 3

I have been feeling good since round 2 once that healing reaction passed. I'm still having some mucus in my head from allergies, but seems to be less than most of the others in our family, maybe because I use the neti pot? There's really nothing much to report, which I consider to be a good thing!

I'm skin brushing a couple times per week. I'm juicing at least once per day, most of the time twice. Interestingly, I'm muscle testing well for triphala and resveratrol. I haven't taken triphala for many months. It's a good aryuvedic combo that has many good uses, detoxification being one of them. Resveratrol is also a detox herb. Other than that, just my usual supps of a multiple, iron, magnesium, vitamin D, thyroid.

The scurf rim in my iris is still clearing, so much so that my husband said, "Wow!!" when he saw it. The theory is that the scurf rim is related to how many toxins are in your skin.

I'll check in when I get into round 3.

Round 1 - digestive healing reaction and improved digestion.

Round 2 - respiratory healing reaction. I have noticed that my lungs feel clearer, like I can take a fuller breath.

We'll see what round three brings! I just hope it's not as bad as round 2!!

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