Monday, May 16, 2011

Round 3

Nothing. I only have three days left in round 3 and have felt nothing. Nothing has gotten worse. Nothing has gotten better. The funny thing is, I muscle test well for it. My friend even muscle tested me (she's very good at it) and she thought I tested well and that it's doing nothing.

Why could it be I test well but it's doing nothing? I have no idea, but here's a guess. AI is supposed to make the body work better. Like on the freeway, if there was a bottleneck due to an accident, even after the accident is cleared, it will take time for the traffic to clear out and become normal. So, if the AI is making my body work better, it may take time before I notice the changes. That's the theory based on what their website says. We'll see.

I went to New Orleans the week before I started this round. NOT a good place for someone with a severe allergy to shellfish!!! Especially since every night there were business dinners so I did not get to chose a safe place to eat. One night I ordered a lettuce wedge salad. You get three small wedges all with different dressings. One was supposed to have a shrimp, so I ordered my salad with two of one of the other dressings. Well, apparently whoever was making the salad was uneducated on shellfish allergies, because I got sick .... that person must not have washed their hands after touching shellfish before handling my food. The only other things I ate were a beet salad and a mushroom rissoto side dish.

I woke up the next morning with a little trouble breathing due to swelling in the throat. I also got hives. The throat swelling went down with Benadryl, but the hives lasted ten days!!! Yikes! Almost drove me CRAZY!! (Crazier? LOL). I started the AI when I was still broken out in the hives.

AI tells you to not avoid foods you're allergic to during the drops. I know they don't mean foods you have an anaphylactic reaction to, rather foods that you have more of an intolerance to. I don't think it's a bad thing that I had an exposure to shellfish during the AI, it has to be a good thing based on them feeling that you need to eat the foods you're allergic to during treatment.

There's your update. Basically, very little to report. I'll be sending off another sample Friday or Saturday.


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...

what is the AI

sixgoofykids said...

Allergie Immun