Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hi again! It's been a while, so I wanted to check in. :)

I'm still doing great! I've caught the dreaded cold that everyone seems to have around here ..... but did miss that stomach bug, thank goodness! In the past, colds completely disabled me. I couldn't figure out how others could just push through and go on with their same daily tasks while considering the cold a mere inconvenience when for me a cold meant so much fatigue I never wanted to leave bed, and in fact, didn't have the energy to leave if I wanted to. So, right now, I'm inconvenienced by a runny nose and sore throat.

Dr. W had recommended a homeopathic remedy for a runny nose, which I purchased at the apothecary in Germany, and it helps sooo much. Too bad we rely on chemicals so much in this country as this natural stuff works.

I've been treating every few days with the Lyme vials and a saliva vial. I don't know why I'm still using the Lyme vials .... I guess because the saliva vial alone seems like so little when at Dr. W's office I had 12 vials taped to my solar plexus. I still haven't gotten the nerve to try blood ...... but am about to give in .... but then I'll have to get the nerve to prick my finger! You would think that after all the blood work I've had done over the past few years that I wouldn't even think of the finger prick ..... I also haven't gotten into purchasing nosodes for all the various coinfections. Since I'm feeling so good I just can't justify them.

I know those of us who have gone to Germany keep saying this is not a miracle cure. Well, that's not the truth. It has been a miracle cure for me! However, all of us who have gone have needed ongoing treatment with photons once we get back. I almost feel like I'm a cell phone and the photons are my charger ..... every few days I use the photons.

My air hunger is gone for the most part. I'm still on sleep meds but am weaning off. I'm still focusing on detoxification as my body is still working to get back to where it should be. But all in all, I have gotten my life back.

My regular flare up of symptoms is due in the next couple days ..... it will be interesting to see how much is still there to flare ..... last month it happened when I was in Germany and it was much less severe than it used to be.

This has been truly amazing for me. I was doing well a little less than a year ago on the heavy antibiotic regimen I was on, so my LLMD weaned me off meds onto herbs. Within a couple months, I crashed .... I went from about 95% way back down to 50-70%. Same thing happened when I went off meds prior to the Germany trip. I have now been off antibiotics since August, and antimalarials since Sept. I have been off herbs since October. I only take magnesium, iron, thyroid meds, and am weaning off sleep meds. Amazing.

I was not in the group who received ozone treatments ..... it floors me that all this is the result of light. Who would have thought that it would be this easy?

Take care, I'll try to take the time to post again soon ..... in between all the family activities and catching up with all that's needed to be done for quite some time .... like cleaning and organizing, woohoo!

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