Monday, November 10, 2008

One week at home

Hi, just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still feeling great! I went to Las Vegas with Mr. Sixgoofy for four days for a business trip. I slept 8 hours per night, sipped on a tiny bit of wine at dinner, and kept up with everyone else with no naps!!! So, I'm truly doing great!

My air hunger has lessened in the past week. I'm planning on treating with blood if I'm still feeling well four weeks after my last treatment. It will be interesting to see what happens during my regular monthly flare up.

My daughter is doing well ... definitely responding to treatment ... not yet in a good way. She's up to 50% power for her third treatment and this week will jump to 75% power.

I have two down with a stomach virus .... it will be interesting to see how strong my immune system really is ......

I frequently get asked if I think the Bionic 880 cures Lyme. My short answer is "yes." However, most of us have a very complex illness and I think it's unrealistic to think we'll all get cured in three weeks' time. If you go, it is definitely worth it, no question about it ..... but I think to use it as a cure, you will need access to a machine once you get back. For most, there are viruses or coinfections involved.

So far, I don't know whether my coinfections will require more than just getting rid of the Lyme so that the immune system can work, that remains to be seen. I do not have a virus problem. I have treated metals and parasites already .... though I know I've released even more metals as I've gotten rid of the Lyme.

This is a great treatment .... I'm well on my way to being 100%!! I'd say I'm 90-95% now ..... what symptoms do I still have? I'm not really sure, I do not lack energy. :) Once in a while I have air hunger .... and my brain seems to remember the pain as I don't really feel pain, but an awareness that it's gone, so it's not quite normal yet. I also still need to wean off sleep medications.

I'll keep you updated of my continuing progress.

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