Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Onto the next thing!

My various symptoms from the immune system kicking in only lasted a matter of days, thankfully. So, since I seem to prefer to torture myself than take breaks, as soon as it lifted for a couple days, I started Humaworm to work on the parasites.

Protocol right now - Humaworm, Depyrro/oil of evening primrose, NAC, ALA, Zeolite, iron and mag.

The Humaworm is knocking me on my butt. I'm feeling better now than I did a year ago on a GOOD day, BUT it's bad compared to "normal." I feel weak, tired, I'm sleeping at least 10 hours per night (probably more like 11), I have diarrhea (suh-weeet), and I'm ready to feel better. I know I need the Humaworm. I know it wouldn't be hitting me like this if it weren't killing something off.

You'll notice a very limited protocol. At this point, I'm just done pushing it. I'm doing really well and am taking care of the last of the infections, but I'm not going to do mega-protocols anymore. I'm not severe like I was, so I don't think it warrants an aggressive protocol.

I plan on doing my second liver cleanse tomorrow. Can't wait .... it boosted my health so much the first time and many of the aches are back (which is what the Hulda Clark website says will happen till you get enough stones out, then you will maintain).

I plan on continuing to photon as needed, which has been once per month lately.

When this is done, I'm going to take it a little easier this summer. Plans are - Depyrrol/oil of evening primrose, iron, mag .... which will be an all the time protocol ..... should look for a good multiple vitamin for basic health, too. Also, NAC, ALA, Zeolite for toxins/heavy metals. Resveratrol (I like it) and Triphala (like it, too). I'm hoping that this summer protocol turns into my maintenance plan with photons as needed.

Off to a softball game tonight. If you're a facebook friend, there will be more pics up. :)

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