Friday, May 8, 2009

Liver cleanse

I have read about liver cleansing but have never tried it. Honestly, the fasting part sounded horrible to me, I just don't do well when I don't eat! But I was feeling so poorly on this new pyroluria protocol that I thought I'd give it a try.

To backtrack, I started the Depyrrol and Oil of Evening Primrose like I said in my last post. Taking herbs with it seemed like too much, so I kept up with zeolite, NAC and ALA to help with toxins and metals being released with the KPU/pyroluria protocol, but dropped the herbs. I still felt tired and achey. I was getting nothing done but some reading.

Yesterday I fasted as directed in the Hulda Clark liver cleanse. I didn't even drink water except for the 6PM and 8PM doses of epsom salts. I took a long nap in the afternoon .... with only eating carbs with no fat all morning, the fasting in the afternoon wasn't going too well. My blood sugar drops and I end up with no energy at all. At 10PM I drank the grapefruit juice, black walnut tincture, and olive oil mixture and went straight to bed as directed. I could have drank a gallon of that stuff I was so hungry and thirsty!

I felt horrible by the time I went to bed. I took the orthinine as directed and still couldn't sleep as the instructions promised. When I got up in the morning, I had diarrhea as the directions promised .... and with that, the promised stones.

I had to go to 10:30 till I could start eating .... I started out with fresh juices. Then later I had a smoothie. The rest of the day, I felt really good! I'm not feeling 100% perfect, but I'm feeling great compared to how I was feeling. I passed hundreds of stones. I plan on doing the cleanse again in two weeks. I guess the best way is to do it every two weeks until no stones are passed.

I was hoping it would help, but never dreamt that it would have helped this much.


Shandy Monte said...

How can I find how to do this cleanse?

TheEclecticElement said...

Oh my god, I have done the Hulda Clark cleanse at least 3 different times now.
Its horrible when your on it, but overall it makes a HUGE difference.

sixgoofykids said...

Haha, yeah EE, it was horrible, only because of the diarrhea and the inability to eat or drink ... as if that's not bad, LOL!


I did not do a parasite cleanse first since I've taken so many things for parasites. I did use the black walnut tincture and the orthinine. I am STILL feeling good today, really close to normal. I didn't expect this to help so much .... I was just hoping it would help get me through this 'crisis' from taking the minerals faster. I'm feeling fine today. I went to a softball game, have driven kids around, and am now talking about what to go get at the grocery to cook for dinner. :)

heather. said...

i'd like to try the cleanse sometime, but.. drinking epsom salts freaks me out. as does the probable results of the cleanse. lol. also, you can't even drink water? why on earth not?

anyway, i'm really glad it helped you feel so much better. thanks for posting about it. :)

ScottAdams said...

Read here about what you are passing

They aren't stones at all but bile stained soaps being formed.

Scott Adams

ScottAdams said...

sixgoofykids said...

Heather, I'm not sure why .... I think it's to prevent nausea when you drink the oil.

Thanks for the opinion, Scott. I consider Quackwatch to be the worst source on the internet for medical information. Can you say biased?

Plus, their alleged opinion on what they are doesn't explain people's experiences .... why do they get fewer stones after doing a few of them? Why do they feel better? If I listened to the quacks at quackwatch, who take the mainline medical party line, I never would have been treated for Lyme to begin with.

sixgoofykids said...

Here's an article regarding quackwatch and the integrity of the "doctor" who runs the site.

troutfarm said...

six I am really enjoying your blog and learning a lot from it. Maybe Mr. Quack well hopefully learn something positive too.

Scott Adams said...

Yes I agree about Quackwatch!

But even so that doesn't preclude them ocassionally getting something right!

troutfarm said...

Scott Adams send up a red flare when that happens so we will all know.

sixgoofykids said...

Scott, I don't think they're right on this one. I felt great afterward. :) I plan on doing another one after two weeks (so one week from now).