Friday, June 5, 2009

Liver cleanse #3

This has just gone so smoothly! I didn't feel really bad like I did last time. I didn't even get the low blood sugar feelings like first time, which I'm thinking must have to do with the KPU protocol (just assuming since hypoglycemia can be a symptom of that).

Early in the day instead of just finding low-fat ways to stay full, I juiced. For lunch, right before I stopped eating, I had carrot/apple/lemon juice. I think the packed nutrition in the juice helped keep me feeling well. I felt good up to an hour after I took the first dose of epsom salts. Previously, during a cleanse, I would have to take a nap in the afternoon because the fasting would make me feel so bad. Instead, I cleaned my closet and the pantry! Last night I slept through the night ... both other times I only would sleep a couple hours at a time and then would spend a couple hours awake and would be uncomfortable all night.

This morning I have seen some stones and some sludge. Still in the middle of it so I don't know how it compares to the other times. I'm hoping it takes away the fibro pain like it has in the past. I can't wait to start juicing!!

edit to add - significantly less gunk this time. After the first one, I felt better for a couple days. After the second, for a week and a half, then started having minor fibromyalgia pain (might not be minor to some, but in comparison to Lyme/bart pain, it was minor), so hoping since so little came out this time that maybe the cleanse will hold.

My husband, my 21 year old daughter and I have all noticed that I have less fat than I used to. I've always worked out with weights and cardio ... recently I cut down on weights and added pilates .... but I think the lowered fat is more likely from detoxing better. I'm not talking about being thinner, and I don't have more muscle.

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