Monday, June 1, 2009

Just feeling good

Well, I don't really have much to blog about .... I'm just feeling good!! I have some very slight air hunger, but only enough to remind me to keep working out, keep eating right, keep getting enough sleep, and keep building up the immune system. I also am having some shoulder pain and hip pain. Dr. W thought it was a structural problem and not Lyme related. He adjusted it and it was better. I think it's time to see a chiropractor. I play the flute, so this is likely what's causing it ... my awkward twisting while I stand and play.

Oh, which reminds me, I found a chiropractor who will work with me on the KPU protocol!! Woohoo! He will even test my kids. I was thrilled because I hate to do such a strong protocol without someone overseeing it.

I'm a couple weeks into Humaworm, and after the first week or so, I started feeling better.

I also happened across some great tonic water! I always feel better when I drink tonic (remember my trip to Italy? The tonic got me through it). This tonic has only natural ingredients, including high-quality, natural quinine from the bark it is traditionally made from, unlike most of our quinine which is a chemical concoction. The tonic is Fever-Tree .. I'd like to find Q Tonic, which uses agave as a sweetner, but in the meantime, I'm drinking two little bottles per day. The first three days, I felt better .... then I did have a slight herx for a couple days, now I feel better again.

So, I know some bugs are still there. I plan to keep taking it easy .... it seems this is working for me .... I keep improving with this system. I am beginning to think that simplicity is the key to treating with photons. I've read that Dr. W told a patient that stress can bring the Lyme back ..... I am beginning to think doing a lot of stuff aside from detox and photons will cause a stress enough to bring the Lyme back. Taking it easy allows the photons to do the work.

I know only time will tell, but this is just my observation .... that simplicity is the key with photons.

Current protocol -

Humaworm (will replace with triphala and resveratrol when finished with 30 days)
Photons - once per month, blood, 100% power, 320 seconds, 10 points
iron and magnesium
thyroid meds
Juice Plus
NT Factor (till I run out)

I got back my thryoid test .... my TSH is up to .25 ... that is a significant improvement from the .03 it was last time. My thryoid meds are reduced since I returned from Germany. It would be nice if I could eliminate them altogether at some point.

I am still getting massages every other week from the guy trained in lymphatic drainage and cranio sacral techniques. At this point, I am no longer feeling horrible after these massages. I drink a lot of water afterward to wash out the toxins, but I don't feel wiped out like I did before. He is noticing the difference too, I just don't have all the problem areas I did. I still am sluggish, but it's all working better than it did in the beginning.

I am no longer doing regular coffee enemas for the first time in a couple years. After the liver cleanses, I don't feel drawn to them anymore. I guess I just don't need them ..... I could always tell before when I needed them. I do feel like I need to do another liver cleanse. Maybe next week.

I am still juicing, still working out four times per week, still getting plenty of sleep, getting some natural sunshine ..... and feeling great! Thanks for reading.

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