Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doing great!

I finished the Humaworm two weeks ago. There were no visible parasites, but I felt bad the first week and a half on it, so I know it did something. After that, I felt GREAT!

Still on the KPU protocol and still think it was a big issue for me. It's going very well.

When I stopped the Humaworm I switched to Triphala and Resveratrol. I also found a multiple vitamin I like and started taking it. I have had severe diarrhea since stopping the Humaworm (or starting the new stuff). It doesn't appear that I'm digesting anything at all and the transit time is only a few hours. I'm stopping all supps today except for iron and KPU. I'm also trying to be easy on my gut with what I eat. I have a couple chickens to make some fresh broth.

I started VSL#3 because previously it has helped my gut. It is a probiotic designed for ulcerative colitis and has 450 billion bacteria. I'm taking it twice daily right now.

Since I'm getting better, feeling great, and seem to be on an upswing, I'm wondering if this is retracing. I have had gut problems since childhood, and when I got sick a few years ago, the gut issues were the first symptom. I know that once a body is getting what it needs, it goes back and heals past problems. There is nothing painful. For having had diarrhea severely for two weeks, I still feel fine. It just seems like it must be more of a healing reaction than an Illness. Nevertheless, I'm doing what I can to support the gut.

The rash on my forehead came back when I stopped Humaworm. I am going to do a bug bite protocol on the Bionic in a couple weeks. I hope it helps. I'm thinking it may be the lice issues I posted about previously.

It seems none of my issues are related to Lyme anymore, but I still have some lingering problems. I'm trying to stick with the less-is-more philosophy on my protocols so that I don't stir anything up .... why wake a sleeping giant?

Just thought I'd check in, have a great 4th of July weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi, that is great.

I have a question: can you give me a link to find out more about KPU protocol please?? I don't know anything about it.

thank you,
chris s

sixgoofykids said...

A good article is at www.drrandy.org, click on articles.