Sunday, April 5, 2009

Head lice???

I finally, recently got muscle tested!! Not an easy accomplishment in Ohio!

It seems borrelia and erlichia are gone! Woohoo!

I still have four infections - babesia, bartonella, fish roundworms (too much sushi I guess), and lice! OMGOSH!

We used to live out in the country and the rural school system my kids attended had a huge lice problem. They would have lice checks regularly. Well, about four years ago, my daughter ended up with lice. It was a very bad case and in only a couple days I spent 20 hours combing the nits out of her hair after repeatedly washing it with an herbal rinse .... after she sat around with a shower cap on holding the herbal rinse in place for hours. It was quite a project. Her lice infestation lasted for months .... it kept coming back .... Was she re-exposed? ... Or did we not get it all? I'll never know!

My husband would comb my hair out after I was done with hers to be sure any lice that got on me were taken care of before they laid eggs/nits. It's the nits that are difficult to get out .... thus 'nitpicking'.

Today I washed and straightened my hair, then Mr. Sixgoofy looked at it out in the sunlight under a magnifying glass, after all, we became lice experts four years ago, he knew what he was looking for. No lice! So, what gives?

What I'm thinking is that I must have been bitten by the lice and still carry something to do with the bites. It shows as a major stress to my system, so it needs to be taken care of. But how, if there are no lice? Humaworm ( tested well for fixing both the lice and the roundworms. I ordered some today. I am a little concerned since I have taken it twice before, but I was not in this good of health last two times, so maybe I just need a couple more rounds of it.

I'm taking some other herbs (mostly Buhner) to treat the babesia and bartonella during my month off photons. I started Resveratrol and Andrographis today, and started an herb recommended by a friend for GI symptoms, biofilms, and breathing symptoms - Haritaki. I also thought I'd take some Enula for parasites while I wait for the Humaworm since I previously had good results from that. I'm feeling a little fatigued and a little light-headed from these herbs, but not bad. Still functional.

I'm going to be taking some minerals to replenish all that is lost with being heavy metal toxic and sick for so long. Also, some good fatty acids.

My focus is still on rebuilding health, and I've made a lot of progress in the past several months .... down to four stressors .... not bad. :) I think I really just do not know what 100% is .... my pain receptors don't work very well (according to my massage therapist and my dentist) .... so I don't really know how much pain I'm actually in. I've never been better, but that's all relative .... I've been sick for 35 years, how will I know what perfect is? I guess when I test free of all infections. ;) Still, I can tell you, once the borrelia is gone, it's not so bad .... I would pass for "normal for my age" now if this were all I had.

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Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi there Miss Goofy,

Sorry to hear about your viruses. That must be annoying!

I thought that treating with your blood on the Bionic would take care of babesia/bartonella? Can it not get to all those infections? Also, I was wondering if you were able to get a complete nosode kit for either one of these. (that is, containing all of the dilutions that Dr. W gave us for borrelia). I know they didn't have them in Germany.