Friday, April 24, 2009

My fault?

I have had a horrible cold that I caught from my kids. When we were in Chicago last week, my 13 year old caught it the day we were leaving. She was miserable .... we went across the street to buy her Advil and had to argue with some under-paid Bozo who worked at the Starbucks in the grocery just to get her a cup of water to take them with. I mean, I have a crying kid who wants to take an Advil, and he wants me to walk across the store to the deli to get a cup of water when he has water right there.

Isn't the "rule" there to keep the bums off the street who aren't buying anything from coming in and getting nothing but water. Oh well, some people just don't get why rules are in place. Anyway, we got the water from the lady who worked at the Starbucks, while I had to argue with Bozo the whole time.

A couple days later, my 15 year old stayed home from school for a day with the same bug. Both had raspy voices and sore throats, along with muscle aches/ headaches.

So, yes, of course, I got it to. My poor immune system is so bad at this stuff! I've had a low grade fever off and on for three days and have had no voice at all for two days now. I don't know who likes it better, hubby or kids! Anyway, I'm taking some herbal expectorant to help with the sore throat because I think it's from drainage. Also, the expectorant might keep me from choking to death on the phlegm that doesn't quite want to be coughed up. If this plays out like normal, I should end up with bronchitis .... if it's a head cold, I get sinus infections, if it's a chest cold, I get bronchitis.

I guess it's nice not dealing with Lyme too much anymore ...... but seriously? How many times have I fought viruses since I got back from Germany????

Oh, I just looked at the title again and saw I forgot to tell you that it's all my fault it's cloudy today. I thought I'd go get some natural photons and bask in the sun on what was this beautiful, cloud free day in the lower 80's. About five min. after I got outside and sat down with my book, the clouds rolled in and now it's overcast. I told my daughter about it and she said, "Thanks, Mom" like it was my fault. LOL


TheEclecticElement said...

When it rains it pours huh?
I hope you feel better! I know it's like an unwritten rule for us lymies to get everything under the sun while fighting lyme.
Whoever thought up that rule should be shot or hit in the head really hard. Lol

sixgoofykids said...

Thanks. It does seem as I get better I'm catching everything. When I was sicker, I caught nothing. Perhaps my immune system is just learning how to fight all over again.