Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Starting herbs

I just wanted to post a quick update.

The terminalia chebula made me feel HORRIBLE! Yesterday, I just rolled out of bed and put sweats on, barely did anything all day. I even had hubby go to the grocery, but I was able to cook dinner (minestrone from scratch). I started declining on Sunday, and by yesterday was having stomach pain and diarrhea. I was also terribly fatigued and weak.

Today, all is good. Took some Zeolite last night, slept in a little this morning, and even managed to work out for an hour and twenty min. this afternoon.

Yesterday my spirits were down a bit. I was hoping this battle was closer to being over than it is, but really, I am doing so much better. I need to keep focusing on regaining health ...... I've mostly beat down the infections .... just a little more to go.

I'm thinking about jumping on the Progurt bandwagon. Seems everyone is getting good results from it, and it fits my current philosophy of focusing on making my body an unwelcoming host to pathogens.


Jennifer said...

Hi there. Have you ever used Activated Charcoal or Molybdenum for clearing out your body of toxins?

A lot of people I know swear by the A.C., but my doctor uses the Molybdenum. It works wonders.

Of course you have to find that two hour window of no "medication" (can be taken with other supplements, but not with antibiotics or a "killer" supplement like Cat's Claw

sixgoofykids said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I test poorly for AC .... it tests as doing nothing for me and whenever I have tried it, it seemed to do nothing.

I don't know about Molybdenum, but I will Google it now. :)

I use Zeolite. It tests well, and I feel that it works. I also like parsley and burbur from the Nutramedix herbs.

It's not so hard for me to fit them in now .... I'm just taking a couple herbs at breakfast and a couple at dinner, but yeah, I sure remember when I couldn't figure out how to fit the binders in without staying up later at night!