Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick of it

I'm in a bad, grumpy, I'm sick of all this mood, so I thought it might be a good time to blog. I'm sure all of you want to hear my rant.

I am still getting over my 5th virus since Christmas. Each one hits me harder than anyone else in the house and for longer. I just have a really hard time fighting them off with my still-compromised immune system.

I want to be getting back into life, but every third week or so I end up sick again and unable to do much but lie around. I hate it. I feel so useless. I get the Lyme under control just to be disabled by stupid colds and other viruses.

I am discouraged. I know I have come a LONG way. I know the progress I have made in the past few months has been remarkable. It's just discouraging that there is still such a long way to go.

I started a new treatment this week. It's treatment for KPU (kryptopyroles) with Depyrrol, a product from Amsterdam that is basically zinc, b6 and a few other things. I also am taking Oil of Evening Primrose at night. This treatment replenishes some of the minerals that many (but not all) Lyme patients have lost. This Depyrrol is a product I muscle tested well for, which is why I decided to try it. The treatment can be harsh and should be overseen by a health care practitioner.

The thing is, once you get into taking it, your body can and will release a lot of heavy metals. I test low for metals. I have chelated the ones that were easy to get to. Now, I only have the more hidden in the tissue metals, which are now flowing out like crazy. My mouth tastes like it is full of coins. I'm sure this metal and toxin release is part of my bad attitude. I am taking binders right now to help the metals exit - zeolite, charcoal, NAC, whey protein, and fiber.

I also have noticed a parasite die-off. I don't know why it unnerves me every time I see a parasite ..... uh, I take that back, I DO know why it's so unnerving, it's just that after having seen so many, I would think I would be used to it by now! So, I can only assume I have a parasite die-off going on, which can only be contributing further to my BAD mood.

I guess I'm writing this today for a couple reasons .... one, I'm in a bad mood and need to blow off steam somewhere, better here where people are reading about my mood voluntarily than at home where they're just stuck with it ...... two, for those of you battling Lyme, you need to know that I get upset about it, too, that my battle is nearing the end, but has not ended yet .... and, three, because I wanted to tell you about the new treatment. I cut the Bionic round I was doing short to start on this earlier than I had planned. I figured that with the new virus/cold, I didn't want to keep working on killing pathogens. I wanted to work on building my immune system instead.

I am taking andrographis and resveratrol along with this new protocol to keep working on killing the bugs. I'm also drinking water with Himalayan Salt in it, which might be contributing to the parasite die-off. The idea of the Depyrrol is that after treating for several weeks, your body will be able to better release parasites, so at that time, I will do another round of Humaworm.

On a positive note, my air hunger has been minimal since my single photon treatment a couple weeks ago.

Feel free to commiserate in the comments. :)


teslarscott said...

Good Evening,

Have you tried the LBG/ST8 yet?

sixgoofykids said...

No, but I wear a Philip Stein teslar watch.

Zombie_Mummy said...

Hi Six! Where do you buy Depyrrol?