Friday, April 3, 2009

Palm Springs

Well, I'm just traveling everywhere this year ... Germany, Italy, Vegas .... now Palm Springs! No, I don't "normally" travel this much, it's just worked out this way. Our trip to Palm Springs was for a convention that hubby has every year.

The weekend before last was Mom's weekend at my daughter's sorority at Indiana University .... I was there Friday and Saturday night, and had a great time with her. We met a fellow Lymie who lives in Indiana .... it was great to meet her, but sad to see this disease hit someone so young, so hard. We met with my daughter's friend who is a boy (as opposed to a boy friend). :) Also, met with some old friends. We were busy every minute and I was no more tired than she was. :) (She does not have Lyme).

I left from there out of the beautiful, new Indianapolis airport, to go to Palm Springs. This trip was four nights and almost every night is the "business" dinner at 9PM (midnight my time). I did fine again. I had no symptoms in Bloomington or Palm Springs.

It was great being in the nice weather for a few days. I was sure to get some natural Vitamin D out by the pool every day :-D

There were two things to note there regarding my Lyme Disease.

One, I went on the spouse tour. It was a fun day where we went to take the Palm Springs tram up the side of a snow-capped mountain. Last year when I drove my grandmother home to NC, as I was driving up the mountains in Knoxville, I got sicker and sicker as we went higher and higher. I was sick the whole night and next day till I drove back down the mountain to a lower elevation. However, I had no symptoms at all when I took the tram up to 8500 ft.

The other is, after the tram ride, my husband met me downtown and we walked all over town .... in the heat. Then we ate at a little outdoor restaurant and I drank a full margarita by myself. I had another one that night. Also, no symptoms after that.

Both of those are worth noting because alcohol and altitude has affected my health for quite a few years now. So, it appears that I might be in remission? The only symptoms I've had in the past three months were when I had a cold .... but they were all cold symptoms (aches, runny nose, etc.).

Oh, I forgot about the shortness of breath. Ends up, I didn't have it in Las Vegas as I wrote previously and I didn't have it in Palm Springs either. I didn't take my supplements with me either place .... and I have not been short of breath since I got back to the Midwest yesterday. I'm going to ease back into them to see if one of them might be behind that annoying symptom.

Yesterday we flew back to Indy, got there late, so spent the night. Our luggage stayed back in Palm Springs ... can't say I blame the bags, the weather was much nicer there! Today we drove home, and I'm exhausted. My iron is in my suitcase, and I do feel somewhat better after driving to Whole Foods to get more. I also took a B12. I think I'll sleep well tonight. ;)

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Shandy Monte said...

Look at you traveling all over!!! You deserve it!!! :)