Friday, October 17, 2008

Baden Baden

Today we went to Baden Baden for the afternoon. It is a town about 45 minutes from here famous for its spas. There are natural hot water mineral springs and royalty has gone there for generations for healing. It would be fun to go back and visit a spa. We saw them, they are very beautiful. There is a naked spa and a dressed spa .... I think I'll opt for the dressed. :)

The three of us went with a mother and daughter who are here for treatment. It was a wonderful day and all of us seemed to feel quite well.

I am feeling really good. Very few Lyme symptoms .... the one I miss the least is the crushing fatigue.


shandym said...

SIX!! I am so happy and excited for you.. for all of you over there!! Maybe there is hope after all :) Keep it up .. Happy Healing!!

Shandy :)

sparkle7 said...

Thank you for posting!

All the best to you & the others...

hopetunnel said...

Hey six it better to order the machine from Usa or to go there and order it from there with Germans bank rate...?

What do you think ?

It looks more cheaper as I am traveling with my entire family for treatments next month and you know who ?

An Educated Patient said...

hi six
im glad to hear you're feeling great!
i already googled baden baden, and i think i'll visit there during my trip as well.

i am wondering- when buying your bionic 880, do you pick it up at dr w's office?

thanks a lot
continue to feel better!


six's sister said...
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six's sister said...

I think most everyone got the idea that you are the "dressed" spa type of gal...after the whole sitcom chiropractic event :) I am so glad you are getting better. Wow! I wish I was there. I would love to be celebrating this with you...and I imagine it is fabulous!!! Take pics...keep a photo diary. It is great education for when you get home! Maybe when you are home and feeling so much better that should be the direction you for others about lymes!!!

lymeparfait said...


So happy you are going for it!

I pray for you, steel and all daily that you will have healing and full health upon your return.

Thanks for including all of your lyme friends in the journey with your wealth of informatin and positive attitude!

Keep posting all the great spots you visit.