Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final test!

This morning was our test to see how we have progressed through Lyme treatment with the photons.

Today was the day that my Lyme was due to flare, and it did .... but only slightly. Instead of wanting to lie in bed all day, I woke up before my alarm at 7 and got right up. I felt some slight pain in my shoulders and back along with some fatigue, but none of it was disabling as it had been prior to the photon treatment. I'd say I was about 75% today .... though Willow says I was 70 because of all my complaining (do I really complain that much when I feel bad?).

So, I know you're waiting to hear .... I'm not Lyme-free .... I still test for the lowest level of Lyme ... much, much different from the first test where the machine sounded like it died, LOL! The machine showed that I had gotten rid of most of it, so the photons are definitely working, it will just take a little more time.

I am bringing a machine home, so I will be able to continue treating. Dr. W said about 3 more treatments should clear it. Amazing since I've had this for so long and was so sick! This machine is truly a miracle!

I know many of you are reading because you are trying to decide whether or not to come here for treatment. This works. However, if you have other issues, like viruses, coinfections, etc., it will require more treatment as this three week protocol is only for Lyme. Some of the coinfections may clear, but you also may be like me and need a little more time. Please take that into account.

If something like Epstein Barr is a big problem, you may need to treat that after the Lyme is cleared. Same with other coinfections, viruses, metal toxicities, etc.

This is a fantastic, unbelievable treatment, but it's not a miracle. My progress seems miraculous, but it has been work and will still take some time when I get home. Please plan for that.

Dr. W suggested that I use my blood in a vial instead of the nosodes once I get rid of the Lyme. Apparently, it's hard to find a good babesia nosode, but since it's carried in the blood, I can use that. The only problem is that the blood carries the information for all the pathogens in the body, so treatment can be difficult .... he said to use 25% power to start out.

Well, the three weeks has gone by quickly. It has been really fun exploring Germany and a little of France, healing, and getting to know fellow Lyme patients. Tomorrow I pack to go home. Woohoo!

To sum it all up, I feel SO much better and I'm very glad I took the chance that this might be the answer.

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lymeparfait said...

Wow Six!

So glad you have found it successful and that you have kick-started your healing! I'm hopeful for you that your other viruses/bacteria will clear as you continue treatment!

Thanks for sharing your experiences and allowing us all to follow your journey!

Health and blessings!