Saturday, October 11, 2008

flying over

I'm at the airport waiting for my flight to Atlanta.  I'm a bundle of emotions .....

It's the longest I've been away from hubby in 24 years.  The goofy kids were sad to see me go.  I was sad to leave them all.

Yet at the same time I'm so anxious for the possibility of getting well.  Anxious in a good way about the idea of not feeling this pain all the time.  Anxious in a mixed way about getting back to living life fully ..... what will I do?  How will I get involved again?  In what?  I've been sick for years now and the prospect of a cure makes me anxious.    

I'm nervous to be going to a foreign country where I don't speak the language and to see a doctor who speaks mine in a limited fashion.

I'm really excited about getting to spend time in Europe, see another country, and live in their culture for a time.  What an opportunity!

My head is spinning .... I'm overwhelmed.  We left to go to Starbucks with the kids on the way to the airport ... I forgot my scarf and sweater so hubby had to drive home to get them while I sat at Starbucks enjoying the kids for a while.

Then I got to the airport and forgot my driver's license .... yeah, only those with Lyme would understand how that would happen!  At least I have my passport.  Unless Steelbone is reading this, he won't know until we get to Germany that he's going to have to be the one to drive ... ooops!  LOL

I'll keep you all posted ... I know you're all reading for different reasons .... family is reading to see how I'm doing .... Lymie friends are reading to see the same, but also whether it works.  I'll try to give you all the info you are all looking for.  :)  Just skim over the stuff you're not interested in.  I think I'll enjoy being on my soap box uninterrupted!  

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