Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fifth treatment

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this written .... well, not really, I'm feeling good so have been too busy to write! Woohoo!

The fifth treatment was the same as the others. I felt good beforehand, and felt good afterward. I am not 100%, but am improving, probably about 85-90%.

My monthly flare up of symptoms is due. Normally it starts with air hunger, then in the next day or two I'm spending in bed about all day. My air hunger came two nights ago and I'm still feeling fine, so we'll see if the full herx comes or not. I will also look into mold nosodes and babesia nosodes when I get home to use with my machine to get rid of the air hunger.

The only other symptoms I'm having are very small, random pains, nothing major at all.

I am still taking my sleep medications and have been the whole trip. I didn't think that this was the time to wean off them and did not tell Dr. Woitzel about them. Was that the right thing to do? I have no idea, but I wanted to sleep while I'm here ..... no sleep would make the trip twice as long, LOL. I plan on using the insomnia protocol when I get home and get settled with the time change.

Today I'm going to Strasburg, France with Scott and Russ. I can't wait to see the Cathedral there. The churches here are rather plain .... I don't know why, but I'm guessing it's the Lutheran influence in Germany. We are also going to a concentration camp near there. Unfortunately, it's a rainy day here, but it's my last chance for sight-seeing as tomorrow we have our appointment to see if we still have Lyme, then Friday we need to pack and clean the apartment. Saturday we go home, YAY!

Yesterday Steel and I went to the spa in Baden-Baden ... the dressed spa, LOL. It was really nice. It had a steam room with aromatherapy which was beautiful! All tiled, columns .... very pretty. Everything was marble in the rest of the spa. There was a hot pool, with a cold dip next to it ..... a waterfall coming over stones felt very good on the back and shoulders. There was a very large pool with various layers. Then there were two outdoor pools ... one was 90 degrees and swirled like a lazy river .... the other was 95 degrees and had a waterfall and a couple spigots for water to fall on your shoulders and had places to sit. One place to sit had tons of bubbles coming from the bottom ... the flow was so great coming out of there I had to hold on! In fact, there were jets everywhere and if I walked past them, I would get caught in the stream like a falling leaf catches in the wind.

I believe I've lost a little weight here. My jeans are a little loose ... but that could be because they don't dry clothes here, they just lay outside to dry. I thought I looked thinner in a bathing suit.

Steel and I went to the Lowenbrau restaurant after the spa. We both had a great filet with bernaise sauce, roasted potatoes, and a glass of wine. I had apple streudel for dessert, he had ice cream with hot raspberries. It was delicious.

I think you're all caught up now. ;) Have a great day!

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