Sunday, October 19, 2008


This morning I went to Mass at a Church in Bad Herrenalb. It was a pretty church, but the churches here seem to be understated, possibly because of the Lutheran influence. It also wasn't heated. Brrr. Mass was very nice, but I didn't understand it, LOL.

For a small church (maybe 50 people), they had 11 altar servers! I was surprised that they receive Communion in the hand as well as directly on the tongue as I had heard that in Europe it was on the tongue only. I had also heard that they kneel and stand at different parts than we do, but that was not true either. In fact, it didn't seem important to them if someone was kneeling, standing or sitting, though if someone kneeled it was the same time as we do in the US.

They did no read a psalm, there was an instrumental interlude. The priest is the one to sing alleluia ... he went up to read the Gospel and sang alleluia first then the congregation followed. I have no idea what the homily was about, LOL. The altar servers read the intentions and they did no seem to say a creed.

Afterward we went to lunch, then to Stuttgart for the day, so obviously I'm getting around well. I'm feeling really good except my fibromyalgia started coming back this evening .... it has been gone ever since the first treatment. I wish we had treatments tomorrow, but we don't until Tuesday.

I'm enjoying the German food, so I should put on some weight while I'm here. :)

Take care, I'll write Tuesday unless I do something interesting tomorrow.


An Educated Patient said...

thanks for the update,
i hope the fm symptoms quiet down again and maybe this is just a herx of sorts!!!
please keep updating!

lymeparfait said...

Thanks for the update and the Catholic Mass information! I'm going in April with my daughter and I'm already looking for things to do and occupy my 17 year old! Just made my appointment and wouldlove tohear from you when you get back.