Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fourth treatment

I felt great after the fourth treatment and today as well. I really feel like this Bionic 880 is helping tremendously. Prior to this, when I would stop antibiotics, I would decline, in fact, I was declining leading up to my trip to Germany. Now I am feeling as well as I do on antibiotics.

Before my fourth treatment, I finally got my chiropractic adjustment (in my shorts, LOL). It was great! He is very thorough, working his way up from the toes all the way to the head.

Today Willow and I went to Heidelberg. What a beautiful city! We walked, and walked, and walked! We walked up to the top of a hill to the castle there. The castle was built from 1294 through the 1500's, so much of it is in ruins. We had a wonderful time.

I am feeling really good. I put myself at about 90%, but Willow says I'm more likely 80% from her observations .... but that's me always overestimating how I feel, likely because I have had Lyme for most of my life.

Willow has not seen much change. Her Lyme load was the lowest of the three of us and she knew before she came that she has extremely high Epstein Barr numbers. She plans on buying Epstein Barr nosodes and treating it when she gets back with her Bionic 880.

Scott, the Better Health Guy arrived today and it was good to meet him and a friend of his who is also here to be treated.

Our fifth treatment is Monday, and we get tested again on Thursday .... go home on Saturday!!!


Tracy9 said...

Thanks for the update. Strange question, is there any chance if we found a way to pay for it that Steelbone could bring us back a machine? There is a group of us in the area who want one.

What do you think, can you check? We can Western Union him the money or figure something out.

sixgoofykids said...

Sorry, we're all already bringing back machines. :(

lymeparfait said...

Do you know what the typical "life time" usage of the machine is. And how fragel it is ? I'm planning on purchasing one in April during my treatment.



sixgoofykids said...

Sorry, Lymeparfait, I don't know the life time usage.

The "briefcase" is well padded, so it should be easy to bring back.