Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Treatment

Well, I made it to Germany and have had my first appointment with Dr. Woitzel. He is a very nice man and really seems to care about his patients. He speaks English well, though the nurses are more limited. One of them asked if we knew any other languages and I said Spanish, so she spoke to me in Spanish! She was very please to not have to speak English. Then today, Dr. Woitzel and the other nurse asked if I spoke Spanish to her and he started speaking Spanish to me, too, but only for a couple minutes.

I was tested with the Biocom machine and tested to have a heavy load of Lyme. What a shocker, LOL!

After the testing, we went to the pharmacy and bought the nosodes for Lyme and the minerals, etc. for the IV after treatment. Then we came back and they taped the nosodes and two live vials of borrelia to our solar plexus, then we used the Bionic on the designated points. One person in our group is hyperthyroid, so she wasn't supposed to use it on her thyroid. Next we got the infusions.

The photon treatment (Bionic 880) felt really weird. It felt like you had an electrical current, not like a shock, but like a current. I also had various things flare, like shoulder pain. I used it on four spots on my head and almost couldn't take it any longer, my eyeballs felt weird, but I think that was the Lyme flaring .... nothing else has seemed to reach my eyes, which have gotten worse with Lyme. Afterward for a few hours I felt very strange. Not like a herx, but definitely different, almost strange.

This morning I felt horrible, absolutely horrible. Steelbone felt better this morning, but also strange last night where it was almost scary. It only lasted a couple hours for him. Willow Way felt toxic this morning, but felt better later. Steel has a heavy load like I do, but Willow has a lighter load. She has heavy symptoms, tests low for Lyme, but high at home for Epstein Barr.

As the day went on, I felt better. We all seemed to do pretty well this afternoon and got out for a while.

There are two other apartments here with Lyme patients. They all are seeing improvement.

Dr. Woitzel also does chiropractic. I lived a sitcom-like situation today with that ROFL! The nurse took me into his office, which is a large room and opens to the reception area. She told me to strip to my bra and panties. I asked if she had a gown for me, and she didn't, she expected me to just be in the room in my bra and panties. Well, I wasn't wearing the most conservative of panties, so said no. She thought I didn't understand, so went to get the other nurse. I still said no. Then Dr. W came in. He explained why he needed me to, and it made sense, but I said no, that it was a cultural thing. He understood then what the problem was. Here nudity is not an issue like it can be at home. It was rather hysterical later, but when it was happening it was uncomfortable for both of us.

If I had done it, Steel could have had some good pics of me to post on the internet since they open and close the door, LOL! I'll go back tomorrow and take some shorts that I sleep in ... so it will be a bra and shorts. Steel was fortunate to be wearing boxers.

Overall, it's going well. We've been finding good restaurants and getting good food. There's a little communication withdrawal, LOL.


An Educated Patient said...

that is fantastic!
i am scheduled to begin my treatments on november 11th, but may have to postpone it-
i am waiting to hear how all of you make out, but that is cutting it close for grabbing flights and a room!
i am also concerned that I too have a heavy load of lyme (i also have babesia, myco, and some -but not a ton- of mercury and lead), and that he will recommend buying an 880 to bring home. that is a lot of money i don't have!
but at least i can afford a biotensor and do know a fantastic, world reknowned homeopath who can help afterwards.
anyhow- i am very glad for you, please keep up the feedback, and best wishes to the whole group over there!

vielen danke!

aka nyjohn

heather. said...

i am so excited for you! thanks so much for keeping this blog; i'm really looking forward to reading about your progress.

take good care.


(aka heiwalove)