Thursday, October 16, 2008

Second treatment

I have felt really good, but not great, since last evening. For a couple days after the first photon treatment I felt really bad in the morning and better in the afternoon and evening, but today I woke up feeling good.

The air is clean in Dobel. It's a small town about 25 min. outside Pforzheim in the Black Forest. The tap water is great .... I hear it comes straight from the mountains. I'm a total water snob, so it's unusual for me to drink right out of the faucet, but this is good.

We are just a short walk from downtown where there are several restaurants. The food so far has been great. I'm not a big fried food person, or a big pork person, but my favorite meal so far has to be this fried pork we got at the restaurant closest to our guest house. The pork was as tender as veal and was served with roasted potatoes and salad. Yum.

The forest is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! It looks different than the forest in the US because of the gigantic spruce trees. It's the perfect time to be here because the weather is cool and the leaves are changing color. If you cross country ski, I'd come later in the year as there are many paths through the forest where you can ski to the other towns.

So, today we went for our photon treatment. It is the same every time ... tape the nosodes to the solar plexus, then 320 seconds of photons on 10 places. Afterward a mineral/water IV.

Today I didn't feel as much as I did the first time. I still felt it, but significantly less .... I didn't have that electrical feeling as much and my eyes didn't bother me at all. Afterward, I felt fine and we all went to the Mall to get something to eat. We stopped at the grocery on the way back to the guest house and have the rest of the day to relax. I'm a little tired, but not that overwhelming Lyme fatigue.

Yesterday Steelbone and I went for a long walk all over town. I found a small Catholic Church and went inside to be sure it was Catholic and see if I could find out Mass times. There was a lady standing in there praying the rosary and she nearly jumped out of her skin when I walked in. She spoke no English, so I asked her what time the Eucharist is in German. I forgot that though I know how to ask the question, I don't know the German to understand the answer, LOL!

Mrs. Klein looked up the Mass time for me. Steel and Willow will drive me to the next town to the prettier Church on Sunday for Mass. There is a beautiful old Lutheran Church right in Pforzheim, but the Catholic Church is ugly ... probably built in the 60's. It's really just a chapel.

There are other people staying in the guest house who are seeing Dr. Woitzel. It's becoming a Lyme hospital, LOL! The Kleins are very hospitable and try very hard to speak English. They are learning and we've been able to communicate pretty well. Mr. Klein is putting an internet connection on the stair landing for the Americans.

Well, that's about all. I still haven't had my chiropractic adjustment, but I'm looking forward to it.


An Educated Patient said...

that sounds great!

how are mr steel and willow feeling??

keep it up!

Mtndog said...

Hey Goofy- This is exciting! I can't wait to hear more.

six's sister said...

Oh sis, I am sooooooo glad you are doing well!!!! You have been heavy on my mind! I so wish I could have been there with you! But this helps me feel better knowing you are ok. I am so glad it seems to be working. After our talk I have been trying to find time to come out to see you. I think I need it. :( My lil man, too unfortunately...he is seeing a neurologist on monday and having a contrast MRI...for his ongoing headaches. So...I think it is time to recognize what is really going on. I am so happy for so so happy. I bet the fam misses you terribly. Love you.....